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Infrared Timelapse

I do love some Infrared photography.  There’s something awesome and other-worldly about it that is so enticing.  This time-lapse of Oregon is done completely in infrared.  I will say, some of the shots are pretty lost.  The nightscapes, and the meh mountainsides, those just look like filtered B&W.  There are a few nice sections of Crater Lake though, those came out neat.

All in all, it’s not bad at 6:48 seconds long, you should watch it, time-lapses are generally beautiful experiences.

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Norwegian Time-Lapse

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a time-lapse.  Well, I think it has anyway.  So please, watch the above, it’s longer than previous ones at 5 minutes, but it’s just as spectacular as any I’ve posted in the past.  There are some spots where the clouds look unreal.  The music is well paced and soothing.  So for-realz, watch it, enjoy it, live it.

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DIY video

Cloudy Night

Something about clouds, and time-lapses, this just soothes me.

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Alaskan Time-Lapse

You all should know that I’m a huge fan of time-lapses.  Well, on my trip to Alaska, I took quite a few of them, instead of making you watch each one individually, I put them all together in this short two minute video, and I included some sweet music to listen to it at the same time!  It’s also in 4k!!1

I only took time-lapses at 3 of the parks I’ve visited – Wrangell-St. Elias, Gates of the Arctic, and Kobuk Valley.  I wasn’t in the same spot for long enough at Kenai Fjords, Katmai we were walking and on the look out for bears, and in Lake Clark I had some camera trouble.  Regardless, I think the above is pretty dang good, what about you?

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4k Weather

Because humans see in more then 4k.  You should watch this though, it’s 3 minutes long, and the music is pretty good and fits the mood well.  It’s making me want to travel to the midwest to set up my camera and try and record something like this myself…One day perhaps.


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Stormscapes 3

I love me the clouds, and I love me some time lapses.  Here’s a 6 minute video of both of those things.  I really like the beginning where they show time lapses of storms forming from satellite images.  That’s not unique in anyway, but the area they choose is.  Most of the storms chosen are Atlantic hurricanes, they went to the Northern Pacific, and over Canada.  That was neat.  It’s only 6 minutes long, watch it you’ll be glad you did, it’s so cool.  Time lapse videos of storms and clouds never get old.  Never.

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Clouds of Glass


Miya Ando creates some pretty neat sculptures of clouds.  I can’t tell if it’s etches onto the glass/plexi-glass, or if it’s printed, or what, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.  Now, I do love me some clouds after all.

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Clouds from Cloud Level

I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted this before, but hey, maybe I have, oh well.  German photographer Rüdiger Nehmzow has a different take on photographing clouds.  Now, I have a certain soft spot for clouds, and I try and always take photos out of airplane windows when I travel.  But I’m sitting safe inside a commercial Boeing 7×7.  Nehmzow, he’s strapped himself into a harness, and takes photos out the open door of an airplane as it’s flying high above the earth.

Clouds from the Clouds

This is pretty crazy.  I’m not crazy enough to do something like that.  I think it’s cool, but I like the safety of the inside of the closed airplane.  Watch the video below, it’s only 7 minutes, for a look at how he went about this shoot.

{This is Colossal}

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The Ocean Maker

You really should watch this 10 minute short film called The Ocean Maker:

It’s short, there’s no dialog, but it’s touching.  There’s just enough story to get the general idea of what’s going on, mixed in with just enough plot.  Additionally, it was made in just under 2 months on an Island in the Caribbean.  It looks like it takes place in Australia though.  It reminds me of the reverse of Water World.  I hope that they submit this for the 2016 Oscars.  It’s perfect for the short animated feature category.

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Timelapse Clouds and Aurora

I like time lapses, I like clouds, I like space stuff, I like photography.  The only way to make the above video better is to put Bruce Willis in and change the music to Bon Jovi.

The above being known, I do think that that’s a pretty cool phenomena.  I would like to see them one day. More so on the Auroras then the noctilucent clouds, but I wouldn’t complain if I got to see them both.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans to go far north any time soon, probably not for a few years anyway.  Too bad.