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Stringy Time

string time clock

German artist and maker Felix Vorreiter has created this pretty cool clock that uses encoded strings to display a digital readout of the time.  As you can see, the string passes through rollers to form 5 lines which when everything lines up, reads the time.  His clock advances the string in a traditional 1 second at a time format, which I think would make it much too difficult to actually read the time.  Also, his rope is only long enough for 2 hours of time.  He estimates it would take 0.7 miles of rope for a full 24 hour day.  To that I say it’s time to re-think the pattern painted on the string.  Re-use some of the painted lines, sure, that would be a much more difficult algorithm to figure out,but that’s why we have computers!

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Wooden Analog Clock

You know Japan isn’t just known for their crazy perversions.  They’re actually insanely good woodworkers too.  Case in point, this crazy complicated mechanical clock that draws out the time on a magnetic board.

Look at the intricacies of it:

wooden gears

Now here you can see, and listen to it in action:


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Digital Analog

Bernie Rohde makes clocks.  That’s nothing special to be honest, in the last hundred years or so clock making has gone from being a master level skill, to something overlooked and simple.  Sure, the science of time keeping has advanced greatly over the years, they even decided to add a leap second to the day for some unnecessary reason this evening, probably breaking much of the internet in the process, but making clocks, that’s not that hard anymore, mostly because it can be so forgiving because we have so many other things that we rely on for the accurate time.

clock - 1

Well, Rohde’s clocks are something different.  He started out life as a TV repairman.  Except, in the last decade, TVs have gotten much less repairable, and more consumable.  So his line of work dried up as more and more of the relics from the 70s and 80s were replaced.  He still had many of the various electronic pieces used in the TVs transistors, resistors, capacitors, all the important things.  He decided to use those various electronic pieces to make clocks.

A circular grid of LEDs makes up the face of the clock, then a circuit of these simple resistors, and transistors, and capacitors keeps the time and illuminates the LEDs as the hands of the clock face.  He does all of this by hand, for truly unique, one of a kind art pieces.  No two are alike, but each one is made of the same guts.

I like this blue & green clock below, with the see through face.  But I also like the one above that just takes you back to the 1960s when computers were this complicated and scary and also full of wonder.

Illuminated Clock


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Mechanical Clock

There’s something to be said about the beauty of a purely mechanical piece of equipment.  Something that has moving parts, but has no electricity running through it at all.  Something that would work 1,000 years ago, 1,000 years into the future, and anywhere (that gravity is of earth’s constant of 9.8 m/s2).  I’d love to make something similar to this one day, but it would go on my long list of other things that I need to build, chief which of those would be a house.

{Hacked Gadgets|Laughing Squid}

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The Clock Clock

I was gonna call this post the Redundant clock, but I decided that that was just copying way too much the other 3 blog posts from where it came.

They also failed to write more then a sentence about this lovely piece of art, so that’s where I will change things.

For starters look at the elegance of it.  It’s simplicity is what makes it so elegant.  The lack of numbers, makes you think, and that’s the whole purpose of it, to think of the time.  I realize that this paragraph makes no sense at all, but that’s why you read my blog for the senseless rambleings of me.

Now I will take this time to add a link to this cool Russian clock problem.  (Yes, I am currently obsessed with Russia)  Whoever buys me anything from this eBay search will be loved forever.

The problem is to draw two straight lines on the clock face so that the sums of the numbers in each part are equal.

It took some time, but not as much as I figured, and I was able to get an answer.  Hopefully it’s correct.

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The Scroller Clock

Here’s a live updating clock that is made out of scroll bars.  It’s really quite unique.  And even though Chris thinks it’s weird, I spent at least an hour watching it while I did research on various things for future blog posts.  So now you can watch it and waste hours of your life like me, or you can be like Chris, and question the amount of free time some people have.

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Interesting Clock Idea

That’s a hanging clock design.  It’s interesting how they came up with the design.  I don’t know if I like Mint Boy though.  It’s alittle over the top if you ask me, I think the original concept better, where it’s just hanging from a wall:

That’s something that you can easily add to a wall and it still looks good.  Mint Boy looks like a child’s toy.

In case you’re confused as to how it works here’s a diagram:

It’s just a concept now, and like all concepts, it will most likely never get made, oh well.


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How do you get up in the morning?

Do you wring your alarm clock’s neck to stop it from nagging you to wake up?

Dose your pillow inflate, and deflate every 7 seconds until you wake up?

Or do you drag your ass out of bed and stand up to turn off the alarm?

There’s a bunch of other different interesting types of alarms over at Plazarugs also.  Me, personally, I just use a regular clock, be it an upside down one, but still, 95% of the time, I’m awake before the alarm goes off anyway.  But I can see these as usefull for some people.

What do you think?

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Accurate Artifical Sundial?

The Bulbdial clock is much more accurate sundial which uses 3 revolving light sources to represent the minutes, and hours, and I don’t quite get the 12 hour mark, but hey, whatever.  It looks nice, but come on, a digital alarm clock costs like $10 and will last forever.


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Clock of 9s

This clock would probably give me a headache, just alittle.  But, if they made it with 3, which is my favorite number, i think i may love it.