a stumble DIY photo

Wooden Cities

city table

James McNabb is a furniture maker, he uses a bandsaw to make these intricate city skylines out of discarded, and unusable scraps of wood.  I really like the above table.  Especially using the taller buildings as the legs.  It’s not practical for sitting around, or putting stuff under, but it does look cool.

curved city

While these things look cool, I can’t help but be concerned about all the dust that they will eventually collect.  All those nooks and carnies, dust magnets.

Here’s a nice video showing some more detail:


awesome photo video

Patience Timelapse

This 4K Time-lapse called Patience is beautiful.  I’ve made a few time-lapses before, but they were only night-sky ones so they didn’t involve too much editing, or camera movement, or any of the HDR that the above shows.  I appreciate the effort that goes into making one, especially with all the music lined up perfectly like that.  This was done by photographer Paul Richardson, and he has a pretty ace portfolio.



Las Vegas – Growing & Shrinking

Fabulous Las Vegas.  The wounderful city in the desert, in a short period of time it’s gone from casino hole in the country, to fastest growing hole in the desert, to the worst housing crash in the country.  It’s still a pretty fun place, provided you don’t live there, which is pretty simple.

Anyway, the above video is pretty neat in showing how the city has grown over the years, and how you can just start to see it shrinking due to the recent crash.