Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope you have a great time, and I hope those of you with children set up something like this one day in your life.  There’s alot of thought that went into the track, using LEGO as the pillars is a great idea to keep track (pun intended), of the level needed. … Continued

Alternate History Thursday: Nakatomi


I’ll let the photo above speak for itself.  Tonight, 27 years ago terrorists took over the Nakatomi building in Century City California.  Their target, $640 million in negotiable bearer bonds.  That’s amazing, even the amount of money stolen still holds up today, it’s not some piss poor $100,000 or similar, it’s well over half a … Continued



Here you can watch over 3 minutes of different takes on Santa from the land of cinema over the years.  I knew where many of them were from, but some were just out there strange.  Oh well, Merry Christmas everyone. {Time}



It’s a Christmas tradition.  The fries are done.



Reddit user gruels has a nice whimsical Christmas decoration, reindeer made of discarded wine corks and twigs.  It’s nice, it’s simple, and it’s something to start the Winter Tradition up.  Welcome to Christmas time everyone.

Would You like some Fries?


Because in case you weren’t aware, they are done. There’s not much else left to say here, just watch it, you know you want to.

Stumble Apocalypse


This will end up being the last Stumble post of the year.  I used to have one a month, but sadly, Stumbleupon isn’t what it used to be, and isn’t something that I stay up all night doing anymore.  Many of these pictures come from Imgur, and Reddit now, but I still mix in some … Continued

It’s that Time of Year Again


You didn’t think you’d get through this year without this beautiful tradition would you?  Well if you did, you were dead wrong. This tradition goes all the way back to the beginning. Although, back then it was posted in an off month, probably cause that’s when I stumbled to it.  But since then, it’s moved … Continued

Die Hard


Above is the Trailer for the Greatest Film ever made in the history of the planet. Now, I don’t need a reason to post about Die Hard. But today, I have a very valid one.  25 years ago today, Die Hard was released to the world.  The world at the time consisted of 21 only theaters, … Continued

The American Christmas


I’m torn with those decorations.  They are clearly very, very well done.  But they aren’t really Christmas themed.  They are 4th of July themed.  Sure there’s a tree over in the corner, but it’s still a Red, White & Blue tree. Also the pop remix of God Bless the USA, not a fan.  But, that … Continued