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Asteroid SU-XII

Stumbles XII comes at you like an asteroid from space.  It’s gonna start the stone age, and cause massive extinctions.  You can’t hide from this massive force of wrongness coming at you at 16,000 Gbps.  Everywhere you look you will see the gifs, no transforming teddy bear will save you, not even the mighty Motherland can stop it.  Asteroid SU-XII is about to hit home what are you gonna do to stop it?


Have some of this, and you will never need food again. {source}

Ouch, ouch, ouch, bastard, ouch. {source}

That is one terminator that will never make it into the movies {source}

If I were the one to eat white bread sandwiches and not like the crust, I would get these cutters {source}

It sucks to be that guy {source}

Wow, that lady, wow. {source}

I had to watch that twice because I didn’t catch it the first time, damn, that was some nice move! {source}

That’s the way to be, don’t lie, tell the truth, good luck to you good sir {source}

Space Dinosaurs are probably terrorizing, but they could probably survive SU-XII. {source}

I could watch that for minutes.  And yes, this dancing dion would survice SU-XII. {source}

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Rap Chop – featuring Vince!

There is only one word to describe this video – awesome.

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Reginald Droidworth III

That’s R2-D2’s correct name in case you didn’t know.  How do I know that?  Well someone has translated all of R2’s beeps and chirps from the Star Wars movies into English  for our viewing pleasure:

Episode I

Episode II.

It seems that it was a group effort to translate the language.  But I must say mwombat‘s efforts are much better then the others.  Although, Michaeluj has some good efforts, I think he’s not using the full dictionary. {source | neatorama}

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Best Stumbles VI

Best Stumbles VI is here, and better then ever!  While probably not as long as some of the past Best Stumbles, it still has some nice interesting pictures to take a gander at.  So do just that after the click cause I don’t want them making the front page load all slow like…

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Hitler’s Art

Hitler Moasic

Those of you who know me know that i have an unhealthy obsession with Hitler, as seen here, and here, and here, and here.  Well, many people don’t know or maybe they do now from this XKCD comic, but Adolf Hitler wanted to be an artist originally, before he got world domination on his mind.

That’s right, before he painted the world to look like this:

He actually painted the world looking like this:

I must say, that is a pretty nice looking painting.  I am not an art person at all, I like photographs, and in particular, my own photographs.  But given the chance to own some of these works of art, I would.  Not only would they be a great conversation starter, they would look real nice on the walls of my bunker.

Some of his paintings were postcard sized though, apparently those were popular with tourists, who knew?!

I really like this one “Cathedral in Vienna.”  Actually, if I had to choose, I would choose these 3 on the page from the group of ten here.  I like buildings, and landscapes best.  I would totally buy one of them, a real one, or a reproduction, I don’t care.  I also would accept donations.

{map of Europe}

Also, for what it’s worth, his signature is not very great, makes me wonder about the authenticity of that scene from Indiana Jones.

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Best Stumbles 5

Best Stumbles 5 marks the return of Hitler!  To most people that is probably not a good thing, but to people who know my wicked sense of humor, that means much inappropriate humor is to follow.  Also, it’s election time, and that means, it’s time to vote.  Be sure you vote for evil.  If you don’t then evil will just take over anyway.  Might as well have your say in the evil takeover!

As always, (well, always from now on anyway), full list of awesome stumbles after the click: