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Music to my Ears

There’s not much else to say here.  Welcome to the greatest musical video I have ever seen.  Well, the first 1/3 anyway, with Joyful Joyful, which reminds me of Christmas time, and, more specifically, Die Hard.

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The Stumble Gun

Stumble Time 1234.  It’s been some time, but then again, I always say that, and still, here we are.  This month’s addition has quite alot of videos.  Be it in .gif format, or webm format, either way, there are a high proportion of moving photos, I have warned you.  Now, onto the funness:

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An Outcome of WWIII?

The fabled World War III has been talked about since the immediate aftermath of World War II.  Well, commemorate the 70th anniversary of the ending of the War with Japan, as they called WW2, the following video has come out of China:

I can’t read, or understand Chinese, but according to mmo-champion, the message at the end of the video says:

China is strong, victorious wars require deaths; for all to be strong and safe, [we] face the risks and dangers of war. We wholeheartedly love peace, but must be prepared for the likelihood of war. We respectfully and solemnly commemorate the 70th anniversary of the war against Japan.

It’s pretty clear that the video depicts Chinese forces engaging, and winning against American forces in some sort of all out war.  It’s not clear what the motivations of these attacks are, or how accurate the outcome would actually be.  It’s also not clear if this is an official Chinese Government sanctioned video, or something someone made for fun, or a trailer for an upcoming video game.  Either way, it’s hilarious, really.

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I am off for a truly Epic (and you know me, I do not use that word lightly), trip to Yellowstone.  The last of what I call The Big 3 National Parks, (the others being The Grand Canyon, and Yosemite).  This is possibly the most exciting vacation I am going on.  I’ll be gone for a total of 10 days, over which I hope to see some wildlife, and gysers, and take amazing photos.  Gotta go see this before the volcano erupts under it.

Chris will have to take over posting duties for the next 10 days or so (probably more since I’ll have a few thousand photos to go through when I get back).  Hopefully he won’t drop the ball, like he did last year.

Anyway, that is where I will be for awhile, don’t worry though, everything should be good.  And for alittle fun, let’s see if you all can guess the total number of photos I’ll take.  Last year when I went to Yosemite, I took around 2,000.  I say around because I was in San Francisco for a day and a half, and took between 200 and 300 photos there, so let’s just go with 2,000 photos over 6 days.  Yellowstone will be 10 days, of all Yellowstone*  So what’s it gonna be?  The winner will get a prize**


*Probably gonna take a trip into The Grand Teton National Park too, since it’s right there.

**Actual Prize not determined yet.

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What If?

[ted id=1993]

Randall Munroe recently gave a TED talk about things.  Specifically his side blog project, What If?  It’s more or less putting a voice and face to the wildly popular xkcd webcomic.  It’s interesting.  I mean, the video is 2 months old, and he goes over some of the older What If questions.  But it’s still pretty interesting seeing him work through the through process of how he figured out the answers.  I like it.

It turns out that he’s just as smart and interesting as his website makes him seem.

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What is Time?

This probably went unnoticed last year, but you may have heard something about it over the summer, when it finished, (that’s when I heard of it anyway).

xkcd # 1190 was an extremely slow moving movie.  In total, it was 3,099 frames that updated every half hour, or hour for the following 123 days.  Set 11,000 years in the future in (what’s left of) the Mediterranean , it chronicles the journey of two characters  as they try and figure out why the sea is rising, and then how to survive it.

If the above 40 minute video is too much (after all, you did just spend an hour watching time being made earlier this week), then you can scroll through the frames at your own pace over at Geek Wagon.  Regardless of how you end up watching it, you should watch it in it’s entirety, it’s worth it.  If you want to get the gist of the story, then head on over to Explain xkcd.

Either way, watch it, and let’s see if Randall Munroe has anything in store this year.

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Teapot Politics

Maybe you’ve heard on other websites about a little marketing issue JCPenney is having (also, NEWSFLASH, JCPenney still exists…I had no idea). But it just wouldn’t be the deadlycomputer blog unless we discussed this:


Does this picture remind you of anyone? Well if you’re drivers along California’s Interstate 405 Highway, you most likely thought “that teapot looks just like Hitler.”

Oh yes, its our pick for #1 dictator in human history back again, reincarnated (note: none of the staff at deadlycomputer believe in or advocate the belief in reincarnation) as a teapot. Now it may or may not be true, but I’m pretty sure Hitler enjoyed tea over coffee, so this product is oddly appropriate, even though I seriously doubt that the designer did this purposefully.

All this controversy is pretty stupid. Honestly, I would never see that teapot and think it looks like Hitler, until someone else would point it out to me. After all, it could be much worse:


But, if you’d like, you can totally still pick up this awesome teapot (but its on backorder) regardless of what you think of Hitler. It could be a collector’s item one day.


In Steve’s Absense

Its me again! With Steve out of the picture (and without internet access) I
will be posting as I see fit. Some posts he may agree with (like the one forthcoming), others he may not. Oh well. Its his fault either way for giving the keys to the kingdom as it were…


Kick-Ass 2 Trailer

It’s that time of year again.

Today saw a good website

 Time for the most underrated film of the summer trailer to come out.  This year it’s the sequel to Kick-Ass.  And with the addition of Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars and Stripes, I am stoked. A. he looks like a super hero right up my alley, B. this could be a return of Jim Carrey of earlier years. (but probably not).

Anyway, I don’t know much about the film, I haven’t followed it nearly as much as it’s predecessor, but I intend to go see it in the theaters when it comes out this summer.  At least it’s keeping the R rating of the first one, that’s a sigh of relief.


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Engineer’s Guide to Cats 2

Back by popular demand is The Engineer’s guide to Cats.  This is the 2nd entry in that series, nearly 4 years after the original.  Science takes some time I guess.  It’s just as strange, so be warned.