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Hot Wheels POV

Anyone who grew up with Hot Wheels and/or Matchbox Cars knows the insane tracks that would be put together for them.  I know I made crazy things to run the cars around.  With the advent of the internet, and the ability to bulk order track, people make giant fun things for their kids.  What’s even cooler though is that the GoPro Hero Session4 is small enough to attach to a car and send down the track with minimal interference!

I really like the editing done between tracks.  It took me a moment to realize it was an edit and not just one long track.  That was pretty clever in how they set the tracks up.  The underwater bit is something cool too.  Apparently it took them a few shots to get the underwater part correct, but it works, and it’s pretty ace.

Now I want to do something like this too…

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The Army Man

Plastic green Army Men.  I remember playing with these things all the time when I was a kid.  I’d set them up all over my house.  Usually they would be the infantry for my G.I. Joe battles, those Awesome interspecies action figure wars that took up the whole of my basement.  Those were good times.

Someone has decided to paint themselves green, and dress up as one of them.

He even has two poses down perfect!

This is truly an excellently well made costume, with a ton of history behind it.  Well done Green Army Guy, well done.

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