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The Wind in Real Time

Real time data, weather data, it’s all interesting isn’t it?

Wind Data

On you can explore real time wind data and watch weather patterns form.  It’s pretty neat if I do say so myself.  Check it out if you can, I am.


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“Bad” Movies

Science Fiction movies get alot of bad publicity for being more fiction, and less science.  Well my friends, that is the problem when “reporters” don’t know how to read.  Because they tend to ignore the “fiction” part of the genera, and only focus on the “science.”  I’m here to remedy this problem. (More so to tell them how much of an idiot they are,).

The whole thing that started this debate was Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy page.  I read it, and I understood what he was saying, and the reasons behind it all, but he, like many others who pick appart movies for their unrealistic scientific conditions are missing the point.  In order to illustrate the main purpose behind movies, I have created this simple chart:

movie chart

As you can see, the most part of the movie is geared towards making a profit, with entertaining coming in second.  Some movies, (mainly ones geared toward children) have a lesson to teach, and then, way at the end of the scale is accurately describe something.  That is usually reserved for the documentaries that air on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and in IMAX.

Anyway, Phil here has a problem.  He is nitpicking movies for each and every scientific misstep they make, but clearly still trying to enjoy the movie.

Maybe it’s because he’s picking appart some of my favorite movies – Armageddon, Contact, War of the Worlds, The Core, Signs, or maybe it’s just because he’s being so fucking nitpicky about it, or, (most likely), I’m just pissed that he doesn’t know how to suspend his disbelief for 120 minutes and melt into a world where anything is possible.

He’s also falling into the classic (to me anyway) hole of limited human perspective.  He’s limiting his imagination to things that he knows, (that’s fine all humans do that), but to claim that something can’t work, isn’t possible, or is just plain wrong because it doesn’t make sense is not how you should go about living.  And this is part of a larger argument I have with the whole scientific community, but that’s for another post another day.

Any Hootie and the Blofwish, take a look at his reviews and see if you agree.  I’ve read most of all of them (I had to stop because it was getting to ridiculous).  Like I said above, I see where he’s coming from in alot of them,  I just don’t agree with his conclusions.  My view is this: If i had a good time watching the movie, then it was a good movie.

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Like the name?  I was inspired by Xbox live names.  people think all those X’s are cool.  I see them and laugh, and then mute their 10yr old asses.  And then proceed to kick their asses.  Anyway, I felt that Stumbles 15 deserved a “cool name”  so I made it Roman Numeral, and added some “cool” X’s in there for fun.  And no, there are no pictures of naked people in here.

Anyway, enjoy the Stumbles, and those  useful post-it notes that should be made now. {source}