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The Ultimate Showdown 2

This is an interesting update to the classic video The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.  However, it’s filled with recent additions to the super-hero landscape.  Sure there are some classics: The T-800, Indy, Luke, but all newer takes on the famous heroes/villains of modern times.  Plus, there’s no catchy music playing in the background.  Maybe that’s what I miss the most.  Anyway, watch the above, it’ll keep you enjoyed for 8 minutes, then watch the original after the break:

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LEGO Springfield

123 Fake Street

Of The Simpsons’ fame, not Illinois.  Above you’ll see 123 Fake Street recreated in LEGO fashion.  Below you’ll see some other landmarks of Springfield of unknown state.  Using an unknown number of bricks (because he doesn’t want to know how much money he sunk into it) Master builder Matt De Lanoy built much of Springfield over 3 months.




Krusty Burger

Krusty Burger, that’s pretty good on the head of Krusty too.

Tire Fire

And of course, we’ll end with The Tire Fire.  One of those fun parts of the show.


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Stumble XX – Return of the Wrong

Where to begin?  It’s been awhile since there have been equal parts amazing, awesome, memorizing, and just plain wrong in a single Stumble Bust.  This is a few months in the making, but I figure I might as well post it now.  I’m afraid that if I wait any longer I might mortally offend some people.

So without further ado, (if you’re reading this from an RSS feed that is), here are the latest wrong stumbles. (If you’re reading this on the actual home page, well then you gotta click something else, sorry).

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An Actual Periodic Table

table of everything

I’ve seen many different periodic tables in my time.  I like the awesome one best, but one thing all those had in common was trying constrain something in a setting it was never meant for.  Sure, with some work you could get the character one making sense, and the awesome one too, but the internet one, that was pretty useless as the classic “Periodic Table” form.

What I like about the above is that it shows the actual elements, and things they are most commonly used for.  Many of them are pretty good and you could figure out, but some would be a stretch.  Or, maybe it’s a learning experience for those.

Like Neodymium, that looks like it’s used to make cars, but it’s actually used in the electric motors of hybrid cars, so that picture is misleading.  Although it does tell you below what the picture is.

I also like the icons they have above the elements, this makes is much easier to group things.

In fact, I think they should make these postersized, and sell/give them away to schools.  I would have had a much better experience in chemistry class if I knew what some of these unpronounceable things were used for.

{universe review}


Pointlessly Expensive Cartoon

Or car commercial, but car commercials are already pointless, so that title would have been redundant and recursive.

I applaud them for their creativity, and for doing it all in the real world, without a green screen.  It did take them a long time to set it all up, and get the right speed, but the final product is a very nice commercial.

{MAKE | Core77}

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It’s been long overdue or something, but here is the latest in what could be a long awaited list of wrong stumbles around the internets.  As always its full of the usual memes, gifs, Nazis, 4chan, motivationals, and other general internet shenanigans.  I could write some more, but I am electing to just go ahead and move onto the finals so now:

Get motivated!

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Periodic Table of Characters

That’s a pretty decent periodic table I think.  However, all it really is is a list of famous video game and cartoon characters that have the initials of the elements on the actual periodic table.  Nothing like as in dept as the Periodic Table of Awseoments, which you could use like a real periodic table.  Oh well, such is life.

{I Heard Chaos | redbubble}

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Even Disney Hates The Nazi’s

You see, even in the 1940s the Nazi’s were hated by everyone, who wasn’t allied with them.  Unfortunately for us the extreme polotical correctness of the world today has prevented us from enjoying that great propaganda video. Shuch a shame.  Oh well, watch it, and enjoy it, for it is pretty accurate, at least as far as propaganda goes.

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Meat Loaf’s The Monster’s Loose

I love Meat Loaf, he has awesome songs of epic lengths, and despite what other people say, is a very talented singer.

Camp Chaos put together a pretty sweet video of Meat Loaf’s 7 minute The Monster’s Loose from Bat Out of Hell III.

I was fortunate to see Meat Loaf in concert 2 years ago and it was great.  I know it’s weird, a 22 year old kid likes Meat Loaf, you weren’t even alive for half of his stuff!  But whatever, he’s one of my top 10 favorite artists ever, and this is a pretty good video.

They should make Bat Out Of Hell, no wait, Paradies By the Dashboard Light, that would be a good one!

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The Road Runner’s Skeleton

Anyone who grew up before 1998ish, knows of the classic Looney Tunes Cartoons, and how you would watch forever hooping that Wile E. Coyote would finally catch The Road Runner, but alas, he never did.

Anyway, here are a series of skeleton’s of a bunch of famous cartoon characters, in action(ish)!