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Grand Theft Auto – Google City

Well, it’s not really Grand Theft Auto, it’s more like, drive around Google Maps in a cartoon car/bus/truck.  Unlike a real video game, there are no boundaries, and you can drive over water, cars, buildings, and anything with no damage/resistance.  Once you get over the fact that you have a little sprite that you’re controlling, it’s kinda stupid.  But for a few minutes, it’s fun.  Basically the few minutes you play with each sprite, and see how fast you can “go”  I was able to top the car out at 124mph, but really that’s just a number that means nothing, there’s little difference between 124mph, and 60mph.  Anyway, take a look at it, or not, I don’t care. {source}

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Shift_the way you use water

I’m sorry, that just reminded me of the Nissan commercials with Shift_some words.  Anyway, here’s a new faucet designed to get people to use less water.  I’m gonna do something different, post all the photos of it, and then give my opinion.

Ok, look at those pretty photos.  Aren’t they cool?  Well, here are my thoughts on it.  First, let’s take a look at a normal bathroom sink courtesy of Wikipedia:

That sink is the product of hundreds of years of normalness.  The hot water control is on the left, and the cold water is on the right.  Some sinks have different taps for each water, and some are a lever in the middle, but there is a commonality between left – hot, and right – cold.

If we look at the shifter, there is no hot or cold, just slow – fast, and while that is nice, it is useless.

Are people gonna have to learn to drive a shift faucet, because we’ve used simple turning things for generations?  Will we have to push in the clutch if we want to change water temperature?  Clearly it will involve the use of both hands and probably a foot or something too.  And people just learning their way along this “manual faucet” will likely get burnt by the hot water when they go to take a shower one day, and will be scared for life as it will be hard to judge just exactly when, and how much to give of each type of water.  And hopefully you’ll be able to do it before the water gets too hot to burn you, or too cold to cause you  to melt into a pile of flesh colored mush.

Next up, when people actually do how to use it, will it actually work?  Sure manual transmission cars are more efficent for a variety of reasons, but they also come in a much wider variety where efficency isn’t a problem.  Will there be luxury faucets too?

And after everything is all said and done, people will probably just have too much fun playing with the shifter and changing the speed to actually save any water?  I think so.  Afterall, when was the last time you spent hours playing with your regular faucet?  Probably when you were 3.  On the upside, these new things will be so complicated that 3 year olds wont be able to use them, on the down side, 3 year olds will smell worse now.

Overall, I think this concept is cool, but will become a failure at heart.  It’s just too silly to actually work.  But good work on an interesting design, and trying to get your car in the home in not the shape of a bed or on wallpaper, on in matchbox cars.

{I need a new Idea}

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Stumbles 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Stumbles 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Stumbles has turned 13, can you picture a hyper active little girl on the internet who uses too many !!!! cause that’s what I’m thinking of!.

Fortunately for us, there’s alot of things in this episode of Stumbles that a 13 year old girl cannot do –

  • Drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Fix things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Although she could fall victim to one of them.  But that’s not my fault.

Enough bring on the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Asteroid SU-XII

Stumbles XII comes at you like an asteroid from space.  It’s gonna start the stone age, and cause massive extinctions.  You can’t hide from this massive force of wrongness coming at you at 16,000 Gbps.  Everywhere you look you will see the gifs, no transforming teddy bear will save you, not even the mighty Motherland can stop it.  Asteroid SU-XII is about to hit home what are you gonna do to stop it?


Have some of this, and you will never need food again. {source}

Ouch, ouch, ouch, bastard, ouch. {source}

That is one terminator that will never make it into the movies {source}

If I were the one to eat white bread sandwiches and not like the crust, I would get these cutters {source}

It sucks to be that guy {source}

Wow, that lady, wow. {source}

I had to watch that twice because I didn’t catch it the first time, damn, that was some nice move! {source}

That’s the way to be, don’t lie, tell the truth, good luck to you good sir {source}

Space Dinosaurs are probably terrorizing, but they could probably survive SU-XII. {source}

I could watch that for minutes.  And yes, this dancing dion would survice SU-XII. {source}

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Ingenious Get out of Ticket Idea

Who’s driving that car?  Its a Muppet!  That must be a talented driver you say! No, just someone with a British car.  You know, the kind where the steering wheel is on the other side of the car.  Kinda ingenious don’t you think?

I think so.  Apparently in Germany, in order to get a ticket from a speed camera, they need a photo of the license plate, and the driver of the car to issue the ticket.  This enterprising driver owns a British car, and since the German cameras are focused on the left side of the car, and the British drive on the right side, they have a little problem taking his picture.  So to be fun, this guy puts a Muppet in the passenger seat, and makes like he’s driving.

Ingenious I say, ingenious!

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Beat the light

traffic light
Short of being lucky, magic, or in a police car, there is no way to guarantee you green lights all the way to work. Well that could all change in a few years if this experimental technology called Travolution by Audi goes to market.
It taps into the wireless signals give off by the traffic light control units and calculates the speed you should travel at in order to make the green light. This is an ingenious idea. Besides all the gas that can be saved by not sitting idle at a red light, it could save so much frustration. Audi claims that if 10% of cars on the road were equipped with this, there would be a noticeable decrease in traffic, I think that’s amazing.
I fully intend on buying one for my car whenever they are released.
{ITV News | photo}

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Awesome License plates

Custom license plates are pretty awesome, when I got my car I thought about spending the extra $50~ on a custom plate, just because I wanted to, I ended up not though cause all the good ones I could think of in the 30 mins i was waiting in line at the DMV were taken, oh well.

Most of these custom plates the average person would not get, well, except for the first one.

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The Jet Mini Van

jet van 2
Hacked Gadgets has some nice images of probably the coolest minivan in existence, the Jet powered one. Clearly, wings must be attached to this so that it can fly away. And then maybe some machine guns on the sides to kill the people in front of you. Oh man, this takes road rage to the next level!

jet van 1

jet van 3