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Would you like a Kool Kandy Kane?

Candy Canes are a traditional Christmas delicacy.  And I use the word delicacy lightly.  It’s not exactly rare.  It is one of those things though that you really only see at one time of the year.  If you ever wondered how they are made, here are a series of videos curtesy of MAKE that show you just that.  Check after the jump for them all, I don’t want to bog down the home page with YouTube.

DIY science video


The Beauty of Science is just what they say, showing some of the awesome things that you can produce with Science.  The above video is really just simplicity.  If you place different colored m&ms into a petri dish of water, they will slowly dissolve.  That’s nothing new.  What is new and interesting is the designs they produce while dissolving.  The different colors from the dyes used in the candies evenly spread out among the water.  It looks pretty amazing if you ask me.

{Beauty of Science|Peta Pixel}

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BECausE I sAiD so!!

awesome science video

Making Lemon Drops

I’m not a big candy person, but watching these videos from Lofty Pursuits on these nearly 200 year old machines making small drops of candy is pretty cool.  It’s basically pure sugar with some specific flavors added in.  The cool part is the way the rollers go together to form the drops.  Equally as interesting is the way they actually make the candy batter itself before they feed it through the press.


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Awesome Google Doodles Today

Today is Halloween, yay?  I don’t like Halloween, but whatever. Google has an awesome series of doodles on their homepage today.  In fact, I’ve never seen this type before.  When you click on the logo, it changes, to 4 different ones.

The first one is above, it’s kinda boring and I can’t really see that “e” at the end.

Now it’s all candy that you would get while trick or treating tonight.

More candy.  Google people must live in a generous neighborhood.

The candy is eaten.  I hope they checked it for razor blades, and pills, and other unsavory things.  Because even if Google’s motto is “Don’t Be Evil” that’s far from how the rest of the world is.

a stumble awesome DIY haha!

Battle of Candy Land

That is candy Castle, it is a towering fortress capable of withstanding a near endless amount of attack from the Gummy Soldiers.  However, the Gummy Soldiers have the advantage of being truly endless, and therefore, will win in the end.

The Gummy version of D-Day

It’s hard to tell which side the Star Wars AT-ATs are on, but needless to say, they are AT-ATs, and since they look to be made of Gummys, I’d classify them as Gummy heavy transports.

The Gummys weren’t able to make a Trojan Horse, so they just decided brute force was better.

Here we see the Gummy alterlity at work, very primitive compared to the AT-ATs seen above, but, whatever works works.

This is a wonderful work of candy art, and it must have took ages and ages to finish making, and setting them up, and resisting eating.