Cut a Camera in Half


Thanks to the Hydraulic Press Channel, People with access to high power dangerous equipment have an entirely new revenue stream thanks to YouTube videos.  That’s just the premise of the WaterJet Channel, they have a high power water jet that they use to cut things in half. Just like the HPC, they seem to know … Continued

Astro Core


Having gotten more into the art of time-lapse, I’ve discovered that adding motion to them makes them that much better.  However, manually panning and tilting a tripod head is difficult and often gives poor results.  There are tons of dedicated motion controls out there.  However, I never really thought about how they are actually supposed … Continued

Self Powered Camera


Last year researchers at Columbia came up with a camera that was self-powered.  Using the energy from light itself the camera’s sensor, they not only record an image, but power the camera completely.  They say this was achieved with regular off the shelf items, and I pretty much believe that.  But it’s quite a long … Continued

DIY Cheap 3-D


Stereoscopic images are a basic way to give you brain a perception of depth from a single 2-d photo.  However, it’s usually pretty difficult to get working without super expensive cameras and setups. Well, Mathieu Stern discovered a cheap adapter called a Stereax on eBay for only $30.  With alittle modification to get the adapter to … Continued

Pinhole DSLR


A pinhole camera is the most basic type of camera there is.  Light enters a tiny pinhole and then exposes a light sensitive film. The above video shows you how to make a very simple adapter for your DSLR to turn it into a pinhole camera.  It’s nice, but I’m not sure if it’s really … Continued

Nanoblock Nikon


Nanoblock is sorta like LEGO, except smaller.  And, it’s not LEGO, and it’s Japanese.  It’s smaller pieces, hence the name, that allow more detailed models to be made.  It looks cool, but I don’t think they will have any real dangerous impact on LEGO.  However, this small model is really nano, because it’s made up … Continued

D80 Teardown


Taking apart electronics is a always a trick subject.  Firstly, why are you taking it apart, is it broken and you’re trying to fix it, or do you want to see the insides of it?  Are you alright not being able to put it back together?  Is it yours? Well, Jon at Prime Studios recently … Continued

Motorize ZOOM Star Trails


Mike Ver Sprill has a put together nice Instructable on how to create a rig that will allow you to take motorized ZOOM star trails, like the one below: I like this photo, and the technique, but I can’t fathom building this rig for something that would rarely get used.  You need a view of the North … Continued

Time Lapse Train Tracks


Church and 30th St. San Francisco MUNI Construction from Ken Murphy on Vimeo. I always wondered how they got those tracks into the street like that.  It seems very complicated and indepth.  But it only took 3 1/2 days according to the description, at a cost of $1 million.  I’m not sure what was wrong … Continued

The Sky


It’s no secret that I love the sky.  I can (and have) sat for hours just looking at the clouds as they pass.  Whenever I go on a trip on an airplane, I require a window seat, and spend 90% of the time looking out it.  I love it.  So this history of the sky … Continued