Happy Birthday to Me


This is one of my favorite photos from my most recent National Parks Trip – Joshua Tree NP.  I also really do like this night shot: That’s really all I have to say, Happy Birthday to me. What say you?

Joshua Tree


I warned you earlier in this week that I would be making my way down to the Desert of Lower California, but noooooo, you didn’t believe me.  Well take a look at it now buddies.  This is where I am – Joshua Tree NP. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow, or Monday before any … Continued

The Last Bookstore


I’ve gotten tons of slack before for posting what I thought was cool art made of books.  What are the chances that this entire bookstore that makes art, and hallways, and secret rooms out of old books (which you can buy for $1) will go by without a comment?  Well, considering there’s been few comments … Continued

10 Minutes of Fireworks


Last week The 4th of July, naturally, there was many different fireworks displays in the country.  Most people see one, maybe two, usually on different nights.  Well, Evan Halleck and Andrew Harless decided to hike up to an overlook in Griffith Park called Wisdom Tree that overlooks Los Angeles.  Together, they set up cameras to … Continued



Did you think I forgot about you?  I could never.  Here are links to the albums.  Now, I know what you’ll say, didn’t I post these already last week?  Well you’d be right, but I didn’t finish going through the photos, and more importantly, I didn’t get so some of the amazing Yosemite reflection photos … Continued

Sequoia & Kings Canyon


Last weekend I knocked off 2 more parks from the list of 59.  Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks in California.  Sequoia is the 2nd oldest park in the country, and Kings Canyon was once known as Grant National Park before the canyon to the North East was included in the park.  Giant Sequoias grow … Continued

Some other National Park in CA


I’m still out in California, I’m not sure what National Park I will be visiting this weekend, it’s down to 3 choices: Sequoia & Kings Canyon Pinnacles Redwood Don’t worry, I’ll update you all on Tuesday when I get back with where I actually went.

Yosemite II


That’s right bitches, I’m on my way back to Yosemite National Park this weekend.  Hopefully I’ll get to see Horsetail Falls get lit up by the sun.  Anyway, I have to be out in the San Francisco area for work, so over the weekend I’m going to make my way to the park to see … Continued

Vineyard Timelapse


Ferrari Carano Vineyards in California worked with M. J. Wickham to set up a 12 month time-lapse journey of their vineyards.  With the help of the vineyard staff, she set up a GoPro Camera mounted in a shielded compartment on a metal pole overlooking a secluded section of the vineyard.  The camera was set to … Continued