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Bookshelf II

bookcase loft

Remember The Most Usefull Bookshelf ever?  Well meet it’s younger brother.  This one takes a loft area and turns it into a circular bookcase.  It’s harder to use because you need a ladder to get your books, but it’s still just as cool.  I would think of putting one of those in a room in my dome, but I think I’d rather have that area be useable as walking, sitting, and/or reading.  Now, if they hung one of these chairs from the ceiling up there, then it would be cool.  Or better yet, just put one of those net loft beds.


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Empire State Building LEDs

So, apparently the Empire State Building upgraded the lights on their roof to be LEDs.  I have to say, that was an excellent choice.  I’ve always accepted the 3 different colors as simple fact and never requested more, usually when you do that complicates things.  But now that I’ve seen this I have to say that that was a very well made choice.

Hopefully things wont get too crazy later on, and it won’t be a different display every night, or week, or month, or whatever.  I like the simplicity of thing, no need to go crazy.  And if all

muscle building diet

else fails, red, white, & blue will never go out of style.

Also, since it’s all high tec, and LED and whatnot, I bet it’s computer controlled, and if it’s computer controlled, I bet it’s connected to the internet somewhere, and, if it’s connected to the internet, then it’s hackable.  How long before you think it gets hacked to display something unapproved?

I give it 6 months.

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LEGO House

Confession. I have wanted to make a house completely out of LEGOs since forever.  The long lines of solid color, the box shape, all of it is cool.  James May, of Mike and Chris’ favorite show, Top Gear beat me to it, and that makes me sad.  But,  I can still bask in the glory of how he made it.

Personally, I would have put alittle more character into the outside of the house, but that would probably would have inflated the bricks usage from 3.3 million, to like 3.3billion.  But whatever, if you have enough money and time to make it, you might as well make is awesome!

The weird part is that he furnished the inside complete with LEGOs too.  Why?  It doesn’t take a genious to know that LEGOs aren’t comfortable, why would you make a bed, or a couch out of them?  Also, his house isn’t water proof.  Did the people who made this even think?  LEGOs aren’t made of rubber, they won’t stop water, why would someone think that?  I’m begining to loose some respect for their efforts.

That window makes up for some of it.  I think it looks cool.  I wonder just how much light is coming through it though, and how much is artificial form the photographer.  Whatever, I’ll pretend it’s all natural, so you get an extra point I guess.

Apparently there is no one to take this house though.  The property they built it on want’s it’s land back, and LEGO Land isn’t taking it, mostly cause it’s impossible to move, which in turn is meaning no one is gonna take it.

It looks like little to no thought regarding the long term went into this project, which is sad, because something of this magnitude should be saved.  If I lived in England, and had a few million dollars spare, I would have it moved to somewhere.  Oh well.

{Mail Online}

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Tall Buildings

death star hotel

Ok, that’s not really a tall building, but, it is a new one, and kinda tall, and Death Star like.

Ok, that reminds me of Halo 3, are they planing some sort of Forerunner installation there or something?  Maybe it will open a portal to slipspace, i hope The Flood don’t come through.

That actually looks normal, if it weren’t for the super clear water beach that was next to it anyway.

Some more awesome skyscrapers in the works over at Dark Roasted Blend.