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Die Hard…in 4 lines

I consider Die Hard the single greatest movie ever made in the history of the world.  Period. End. Of. Sentence.  There can be no better movie.

That being said, here is Die Hard in 4 lines basically:

Alan Rickman
Har har har.
Bruce Willis
Grunt sigh moan grunt holler yell sigh wince groan cringe grunt.
(A chair BLOWS UP. Then the elevator BLOWS UP. Then a room BLOWS UP. Then the building BLOWS UP. Then the entire universe BLOWS UP. But the badguy STILL ISN’T DEAD YET. Then the badguy dies.)

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Motivational Posters, Bruce Willis edition

I recently stumbled to some more motivational posters, and came across the one above.  Well, seeing as how its Bruce Willis, it automatically is pretty good, but the caption, that could be better.  So I made my own:

Yes, i think mine are better, don’t you?

a stumble awesome haha!

Bruce Willis is Harry Potter

Don’t get me wrong, i love the Harry Potter movies, and with the exception of the third one, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (that was horrible, Alfonso Cuaron you suck at directing stop now), but if Bruce Willis took over for  Daniel Radcliffe as the lead boy, Harry Potter, I think the movies would be a billion times better!

I mean, the catchphrase alone, as demonstrated by this picture from popopinions.COM would totally make it worth it:

This new Harry would be unstoppable.  Hell, I’d love to see how Harry handles Snape, seeing as he’s played by Alan Rickman.  And since Alan Rickman and Bruce Willis are mortal enemies, (as seen in Die Hard) it would make for some very interesting encounters!

Needless to say, in alternate reality land where green is blue, gravity repels, and humans evolved from baby Tigers, this would have been a welcome choice.

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Sure, it will take you about 10 minutes to fully read this, but it’s worth it!

My favorite parts are when Bruce Willis saves us all, duh.