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The Book Train

Did you know that there’s a book roller coaster/train in The New York Public Library? Me neither!  Apparently it’s a revamping of the old system of convener belts that were used to transfer books around the 8 story building.  It’s either we’re so modern, or wages are so expensive (thanks mandated $15/hr minimum wage), that they felt the need to automate this age old process of replacing books where they belong.

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Wooden Books

I’ve gotten flack before for posting mutilated books, do you think that would have stopped me?  You’d be wrong.  Here’s another example of people using books in an alternative format that I think is awesome, but other people are getting all upset over.

book table

reddit user bisnicks shared this table, which is apparently at a restaurant in Cleveland Ohio called Choolaah.

book table 2

At first I didn’t like it, but now seeing this top view of the whole thing, I think it’s awesome.  I really like the different sizes, and colors of the paper.  I’m not sure if they dyed the pages, or if they were just naturally those colors.  I like how they notched out the edges around the hard covers of the books, that’s a nice touch.  I bet this table took quite some time to make though, lining up all the books, and then making the individual cuts on either side.  Probably cost more then you’d expect.

Some people don’t really like books hanging down, I do, it gives it a more real look as opposed to something that was painted on.

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Fan-made Documentary on The Battle of Hogwarts

Harry Potter is one of my favorite book series, the films are up there on my list, but no where near the top (if only).  I don’t particularly like fan-fiction, or fan made movies, or things like that, they usually suck.  But this short film (or 10 segmented list), isn’t that bad.  It’s worth a watch if you have nothing to do and like Harry Potter.

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Books within Books

Books in Books

kaitlanm has carved little tiny books.  I’ve posted before about alternative uses for books.  Much of the time, the backlash about the book mutilation is large, but I think this time it should be alright.  It’s not apparent if the tiny books in there are actual books, or if they’re just props.  It would be cool if they were like those little tiny dictionaries.  Also, that fireplace actually flickers, cool right?

Here are a few more photos on the imgur album.

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Book Tower

reddit user normaldesign came up with a novel way to re-use damaged, un-sellable books, and spice up his office environment.

book pillar

He cut a template out of the book to make it just an “L”, then he glued them to the pillar behind his desk.  It makes the office alittle more chill.  It helps that the company he works for is a publishing house, so they often get books back from stores that arrived damaged.  Now, the definition of “damaged” is stretched in many cases, but unfortunately, this is the world we live in.  Unable to sell these books, the are destined to be destroyed some way, might as well spice up the office in the process.  Also, before you go and complain that this is misuse of books, or destruction of perfectly good books, remember, these books were going to be destroyed anyway.

book cuts

Check out the entire imgur album here, he goes over the process, and takes some before and after pictures.  It’s quite nice, and not very long either.

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The Expanse


It’s not very often that a great book series gets turned into a great Television Show, or great Movie series.  Lately, (thanks to the success of Harry Potter), more and more beloved books have made the jump.  The latest series is one I only just started reading a last summer, and one I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment of come June.

SyFy just announced that they have a 10 episode season ordered for The Expanse universe.  The Expanse series currently consists of Leviathan Wakes, Caliban’s War, and Abaddon’s Gate.  The story of those books is set in the future when humanity has colonized the outer reaches of our solar system, and like we always do, we hate each other.  The Martians hate the Earth, and all the old money & power there.  The Belters hate the Earth and Mars, and the security of the planet’s provide with unlimited food and air, but would never be caught dead on a planet (mostly because from growing up in zero-g, the gravity would kill them).  Eathers just want to live as usual, as kings of the known universe.

It’s a rather interesting series.  In the first one each chapter alternates between the point of view of 2 characters as they race across the solar system towards the same things, not knowing they’re on a crash course into each other.  The next 2 books add more characters, and more points of view.  While this unique perspective on the story telling does force you to re-read, and re-visit parts of the story multiple times, it provides alot of insight as to what happened, and lets you see the whole picture.  I really liked it.

How this will translate onto the small screen is unknown.  I think they could do the same unique outlook on it too.  Have each episode be told through the eyes of one character.  However, while fan’s of the books might be able to follow, others would have no idea what’s going on, as the two main characters don’t meet each other until about half way through the book.  Maybe that’s an idea they can pick up in Season 2.

Anyway, for those looking to catch up on the series, buy the books.  And then watch the show, so that we can get a 2nd season out of it!

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Edge Art

This brings a new meaning to book codes.  In fact, I think that this would be a good way to hide some passwords and stuff.  Cheap ones aren’t even that hard to make, you could do it yourself.  The harder part would be making them look like they’re supposed to be on the edges of your books.

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Book Guns

book gun 1

I’ve had my fair share of book mutilation posts, and to be honest, this latest one isn’t very in-depth by any means when you compare them to previous ones.  But I imagine it will cause nearly just as much controversy, if only because of the number of Bibles that are used.

Here you can see the outline of the book that will get turned into a gun:

And now it’s all cut out and here’s the actual gun:

Honestly, I don’t think it’s very special.  I don’t mean to be all mean about it, but it’s all very simplistic, yes, there are some cute titles of books choosen to be made into guns (see above comment about the Bibles), but they’re all very clear cut (pun intended) stencil images.

Let’s get some coffee table books, and make assault rifles.  I’d love an AK (for realz).  So come on Robert The, step it up a notch.

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More Book Art

There was much controversy over the last time I posted something like this.  And honestly, I think it was all silly.  But nonetheless, I’m sure there will be some more this time around.  And what kind of internet site would I be if I didn’t actively try and create controversy?  (A poor one).

Artist Guy Laramee uses books to create these masterpieces.  All different kinds of books, and alot of time I immagine.  Tons & tons of time.  More time then I can fathom working on something like this.  But then again, I spend alot of time doing things most normal people don’t.

I really like this take on The Grand Canyon:

It looks like it uses about 100 books, and probably took ages and ages to put together.  But when you look at this next one, you think, man, it would be easy to just carve a bunch of books in a straight line on 2 sides, try making a cave out of them, with a house inside, and a skylight.

This guy’s got some talent.

Although, his future alternate history skills are severely lacking.  I’m not one to judge people, but seriously, China invades the USA.  What world are you living in.  Granted, when it comes to America, and China, I am as biased as you can get, so maybe I just don’t subscribe to that kind of thing.  But it still makes me somewhat upset, oh well.

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Artfull Books

Brian Dettmer does autopsies on books, and makes beautiful works of art out of them.  There are some good ones shown there.  It must take him a really long time.  I wonder if he reads the books, to get an idea of where the big words are like in this one below, so he can make it look prettier?