The pretty Awesome Bomb


This is a pretty awesome idea for a bomb, and to be honest, I never really thought of it.  I mean, if i wanted to destroy a city, I would just go all out and use a nuke, but I guess some people are “concerned for the environment” or some shit like that, and all … Continued

Nuclear Powered Everything!


Ah the 1950s.  Such a better time of life for the world.  DDT and Asbestos were used everywhere, a future was envisioned with flying cars, and the flux capacitor was invented.  It was during these simpler times that science realized that Nuclear power was the answer to everything. Before the silliness that was environmentalism, before … Continued

The Spookiest Weapons ever


This is my type of list!  Of course the Atom Bomb leads the way, and I would have no other weapon as number 1.  Some on the list are kinda dumb, and the Puke Flashlight, not so much spooky, but The Rods from God, sounds like a really awesome one. Just think, dropping giant metal … Continued

Nuclear Bombs!


I love nuclear bombs, alot, actually, more then alot.  Anyone that knows me knows how much i love them, here are a bunch of photos documenting nuclear bombs, and tests, and things nuclear in general: I’m sorry, but i think that that is a beautiful photograph.