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Leaf Boats for Gulliver

These are pretty cool, kinds of things I sometimes did in my pond, only they never went anywhere, and usually weren’t as structurally sound as those look.

The whole premise is you take natural things and make a boat out of them, then put that into a stream, or pond, and take a picture of your (hopefully) floating contraption.  Then go have a picnic with some other like minded individuals.  Or at least that was the plan, way back in July in Canada.  Not a bad idea, hopefully they’ll do something like that again next year.

Here are 2 of my favorite boats:

The feather one:

And the flower mast one.


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Bathtub steam boats

Making your own steam boat sounds cool.  Especially a small mini one that you can use in the bathtub, (with or without you in it also).  The design seems simple, with the hardest part being the soldering of the copper tubes, because it is much harder to solder copper tubes then copper wires, but these are small, simple ones, so it can’t be too much trouble, and it probably doesn’t have to be perfect.

The concept itself of it is simple, put a small candle or a small container of fuel under the tiny boiler and you have the basis of a steam boat.  I like it, I think I want to make one of these for my pond.