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LEGO Train Coffee Table

LEGO Table final

Another DIY post courtesy of reddit, this time stubbornmoose has made a coffee table out of maple and walnut, but with LEGO baseplates on the top so that his kids can set up a LEGO town on it.  That is a great idea.

LEGO Table open

Were you aware that you can buy giant LEGO baseplates from slabdreamlab?  Giant ones, with designs on them, normal roads, space, or regular old solid colors, all up to 48″x24″.  That’s gigantic.  I don’t know what I would use them for, maybe that dream of making a scale model of some movie scene, or location.

Here’s one more photo of the build in process but with all the drawers open.  It’s a really nice design, I’m not sure what would go into those vertical slots though, maybe train track pieces?

Table build

Take a look at the full build process over on his blog, or the imgur album he made.

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New Clothes

Did you notice the new clothes on the blog today?  Or to be specific, late last night?  Did you notice the speediness of the blog, and the site overall?  I did some early winter cleaning last night on the blog.  That includes:

  • Stripping out megabytes of data from the Database
  • Upgrading some hardware in the server
  • Making a new theme that’s more responsive, and lean

I’m pretty sure I cleaned up everything pretty well.  I know there’s some improvements I can still do on the theme.  There’s a few things from the old theme that I’d like to include, but in the interest of time, I elected to just polish up the current one and get it out.

Let me know what you think below.

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Manual Bitcoin Mining is Useless

Manual Bitcoin mining

Computers really are magical machines.  Unfortunately, it’s not until you do some things by hand that you truly appreciate it for yourself.  Ken Shirriff can now appreciate computers better than anyone I know.  You see, he decided he wanted to mine his own Bitcoins, by hand.  Using a paper and pencil.  At first glance you’d think that that’s impossible.  Well, it’s not, apparently it’s a rather simple process, if you’re a math major.  But he outlines the whole process and the calculations needed and everything.

His initial time took just under 17 minutes to mine a single block.  To put that into comparision, current dedicated hardware can mine bitcoin blocks a quintillion times faster than that.  If that’s not enough, someone on reddit asked him how much energy he expended doing this.  He’s 10 quadrillion times less efficient than the above chip.  And the cost of this, (just the energy, pencil and paper wasn’t included), was 67 quadrillion times less efficient.  Truly this is the wave of the future.  I can see hipsters mining this at coffee shops right now.

He even has a video of himself doing it, it’s 8 minutes long:


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The Pokemon Master

Google has a long history with April Fools pranks.  In fact, their most famous one (which wasn’t a joke at all, but seemed like one at the time), Gmail,  is turning 10 today. That’s not to bad if you ask me.

However, this year, Google may have outdid themselves.  Integrating Pokemon with Google Maps, and having to go out and catch em all, well that was ingenious.  I only wish that the time frame was longer then the day and a half that they’ve allotted.  Or perhaps it will be something that is always available, but the contest ends tomorrow.  Either way, I can see hours of time wasted doing this in the coming day.


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Comet ISON

It’s not very well known around these parts, but I am somewhat of an amateur astronomer.  I have a few telescopes, (and one camera lens that might as well be a telescope), and have spent many an hour outside gazing at the stars.

All of the National Parks I go to I try and stay out to get a night shot in the darkness, sometimes they come out amazing:

Full Dark
The Badlands under a Full Moon

So, it should be known that in the coming days there is a chance to see something truly unique, a comet that so far has lived up to its hype.

Comet ISON, was discovered over a year ago and is making it’s first (and probably only) trip into our solar system.  The ~2 mile wide body of rock and ice will get to around 700,000 miles away from the Sun’s surface, at which point no one knows what will happen to it.  The comet is so small, and it’s getting so close that it could evaporate, disintegrate, or continue on like a boss.

It’s currently on it’s way to the sun, and will get there Nov. 28, 2013, if it survives, it could become amazing.  But you don’t need to wait till next week to go see it, you can see it now.  It’s even a naked eye object if you have sufficiently dark skies.  If not, a simple pair of binoculors, and the knowing where to look is all you need.  Oh, and you have to get up at around 4:30am.

Sky And Telescope has a handy guide to show you where & when to look for when it passes the sun (starting Dec. 01, 2013):

Comet ISON

Damian Peach has managed to capture what I consider to be one of the most beautiful space photos I have ever seen of this comet earlier this week:

Unless you have a serious telescope, and you know how to use it, don’t expect to see something like that.

Anyway, you should go outside and look for this comet.

I tried the other day, but clouds were in the way. But I’ll keep trying this is a once in a forever chance.


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Crazy Comments

I never would have guessed this, but my post regarding guest posts got quite alot of guest story comments.

Full length crazy stories, with the occasional spam link thrown in for good measure.  It seems that the spam bots think that if there’s alot of extra filler text that makes sense and then a link to free drugs, that I will let it through.

Well, it would help if the “story” wasn’t a blatant attempt at some strange incoherent fantasy world.  It was a good attempt, and whoever programmed this spambot is thinking outside the box, that’s for sure.

I was going to post snippets of the stories, or screen shots of them, but that would mean the spammers won.  And in my mind spammers are communists, and communists can never win.  Don’t try and make sense of my logic, that’s just how it is.  It’s a shame though, since now that i blocked those IPs, I won’t get any new stories from them.  Oh well.

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Windows Live Writer test

This is a test post I made on Window’s Live Writer.  I don’t know how well this will work, or if it will work at all.  But it looks interesting, and I have nothing else to do this Friday afternoon, so here goes nothing!

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Site changes

There are a few changes instore for the site onver the coming summer months I hope.  I just need to get some free time to do them, hopefully once I’m done with classes, i will have some of that free time.

There are two main changes, one cosmetic, and one behind the scenes.  First, i found, and added the RSS feed icon back, and moved around the Google chat box.  As for behind the scenes, things should load alittle faster now due to a few plugins i added to WordPress.

I need some people to test out some stuff, so I’m looking for testers, nothing special, just some people to tell me how the site loads, how it looks, and give me feedback on looks and stuff.

I’ll let you know with a post telling you where to sign up and stuff.