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Star Wars: Underworld

This is pretty neat, too bad it never came to fruition. Probably because of Disney, probably because an unknown number of reasons. It’s neat watching the behind scenes of this pilot that never went anywhere. It makes you wonder what other awesome shows exist out there as test footage forgotten away on a hard drive somewhere.

Maybe this time of total quarantine will bring some of these awesome things out for the world to see.


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How Car Chases are Filmed

I love Jason Bourne, the books, and the films.  I also love Matt Damon.  Did you ever question how those car chases are filmed?  Well, the above video will show part of that.  It will also show you some other parts of behind the scenes filming of the upcoming Jason Bourne film.  It’s a pretty fun video, watch it, then go see the movie in person.  Because it’s gonna be amazing.

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