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Making an Engine

The above video should be watched with a grain of salt and an hair of irony given the latest VW settlement.  Oh, did you not know that?  VW cheated on the emissions last year.  It was all over the news, their stock lost 30% of it’s value.  Pretty crazy times.  Did you also know that I own a car effected by that?  I do.  I plan on keeping it though, it’s a super fun car to drive and I can get 55 miles per gallon.  Although, it looks like that’s all because of cheating.  Oh well.


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Screwdriver Key Pt. 2

Remember a few years ago the screwdriver hack car key?  Remember all the steps involved?  Well, Paul Meyette has this dead simple way to make the same thing.  Watch this 5 minute video, if you liked that screwdriver, you’ll love the ingenious way he made his key.

This still doesn’t address the microchips that are in all new car keys.  And many newer cars are getting lame push button ignitions, so you just need the fob.  That sucks.  With the loss of manual transmissions, driving is getting too automated now.  I’m already fearful of the robots to begin with, we don’t need them driving us around.  But, I fear I’m going on a tangent, make your own screwdriver keychain, you’ll love it.



I Didn’t Steal this Car

screwdrver key



Nathan over at HAHA Bird has created probably the coolest car key ever.  He says he did it for practical purposes, I think he did it cause he wanted a legal excuse to jam a screwdriver into his ignition.

Either way, he has a detailed description of the process that all in all, looks like it will take you an afternoon.

cut off tip


First things first, you gotta cut the tip off of the screwdriver.  Well, actual first thing is to get a screwdriver that has some character to it.  That is, don’t go to Home Depot and buy one right now.  Go to a yard sale, or, if you can spare one, take something you’re not using anymore.

key slot

Then you gotta cut a slot into the shaft so that you can insert your key.  Also, it’s probably a good idea to round off the edges of the shaft so that you don’t stab yourself accidently.


inserted key

After that, insert your prepared key, and solder it together.

Some steps that I missed, but that Nathan doesn’t:

  • Make sure you do this with a spare key
  • You’ll probably have to grind down the key unless your hacksaw is exactly the same width as the key (not likely)
  • If you have one of those fancy cars with a microcip in the key fob, this won’t work as easily

He also seems to be concerned about the weight that’s resting on the ignition, and that if you hit a bump, you could totally ruin the tumblers of the lock.  I don’t know, I’ve seen people with massive keychains that put more weight then that screwdriver and not have problems.

That being said, try using a stubby screwdriver instead of a full sized.