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Glue Gun Art

This is pretty intense, it looks cool, but I also bet that it has a tacky feeling to it. You know, from afar it looks pretty cool, but when you get up close, it’s kinda blah, kinda not worth it. You know kinda just “why”.

Isn’t that everything related to hot glue though?

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Normal Items, turned into Space Ships

Instagram artist Spacegooose has a unique claim to fame, taking ordinary every day objects and re-imagining them as space ships. I first found him via this reddit post of a shampoo bottle.

Here’s a unique take on a whisk:

He doesn’t only do objects into space ships, he does original space ships, as well as visions of famous star ships of science fiction.¬† I never had the artistic ability to do stuff this detailed, but I did have an imagination which would provide all sorts of things.¬† I love reading about space ships and all the ridiculous stuff that goes on them when aerodynamics don’t mean anything.

You should check out his ArtStation while you’re at it.¬† He’s pretty talented.

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Sand Art Via Drone

Drones are cool, and so is sand art.¬† Personally, I’m more of a fan of sand castles, but the above art is equally as neat.¬†¬† The video comes via Instagram user @jbenart, and if you check out his page on Instagram, or his website, you can see some equally as impressive masterpieces.

He’s from France, and has some serious skills.¬† I’m equally as impressed with his sand art skills as with his ability to make the artwork before the tide comes in and washes it all away.

{reddit|Instagram|J.Ben Art}

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Interactive Wooden Landscape

Valley View

This is pretty neat, ETM: Exploration Through Motion is an interesting view of a once static asset. ¬†A team of students from the Philadelphia University created this as their final project in Design 1. ¬†Together, they took the Thomas Moran painting “Grand Canyon of the Colorado River”, and made a 3D laser cut map diorama of it.

Turning a gear in turn turns a series of other gears that steps down the speed and ups the torque significantly. ¬†This in turn raises internal cams, which in turn raises a base layer of dowels that finally, raises the laser cut landscape. ¬†At first, I wasn’t sure why all the gears were necessary, I thought it was only for looks, but it’s actually quite a needed¬†gear reduction in order to get the torque necessary to lift the heavy map.


Read more about their process, and see some more photos and behind the scenes stuff on their Behance page.


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Interesting views of Light

This is a pretty interesting experiment in art and light from Akinori Goto.  The short video below shows the process.

It’s neat, sort of a modern version of the Zoetrope. ¬†This wouldn’t be possible without 3-D printing. ¬†Or at the very least, it would be insanely difficult to construct.

This next video shows a much more elaborate setting Рa ballet dancer.  It looks so fluid and natural.  I hope to see more of these in the future.

{Futility Closet}

Deadly Computer the greatest

Remember, Remember

The 7th of December

When the Japs secured their fate

The years numbered four

But we evened the score

And it was surely worth the wait

That’s a good version of the The fifth of November poem. ¬†Sure there are more lines that I’m not adding to, but honestly, who else remembers anything except the ones I’ve got above? ¬†Stop lying.

Any Hootie and the Blowfish, I am as close to Pearl Harbor as I have ever been on Pearl Harbor Remembrance day.  Would you look at that.

Take a moment to reflect on the massive amounts of history that were effected today. ¬†And remember, we’re the greatest.

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Wooden Cities

city table

James McNabb is a furniture maker, he uses a bandsaw to make these intricate city skylines out of discarded, and unusable scraps of wood. ¬†I really like the above table. ¬†Especially using the taller buildings as the legs. ¬†It’s not practical for sitting around, or putting stuff under, but it does look cool.

curved city

While these things look cool, I can’t help but be concerned about all the dust that they will eventually collect. ¬†All those nooks and carnies, dust magnets.

Here’s a nice video showing some more detail:


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Geode Skulls

I gotta say, these things look so ace. ¬†The skills and craftsmanship that is necessary to carve them are amazing. ¬†It’s also important to find geodes that are large enough to get a fully sized skull out of them. ¬†Well, maybe not exactly life-sized. ¬†But larger than a keychain anyway.

Mohawk Skull

As you can expect though, they are crazy expensive the larger and more intercriate you get.  This Mohawk one unfortunately has already been sold for $1,190.

You could have gotten this screaming skull for a cool $999.95, unfortunately that too has been sold.


I couldn’t find this last skull on the store, it’s my favorite though. ¬†The insides look like brains don’t they?


Prices seem to range from about $60, up to over $2,300, and size seems to range from small necklace up to full alien.  Yes, they carve alien skulls.  These will be the source of conspiracy theories in a few millennia.


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Interactive Paper


That’s a nice innocent easy to make drawing.

Dutch Artist HuskMitNavn has these really interesting somewhat interactive drawing sculptures on paper that he’s made.


That one’es not bad either. ¬†Ok, the cutting of the toothpaste stream would be challenging, but it would probably only take one try.

cork screw

Yea ok, I don’t know quite how the paper is ripped to get the types of cuts shown above.

I can’t quite find the original source on his site, but he has some interesting stuff there. ¬†Nothing quite as cool as the above drawings though. ¬†Here are some similar ones in a gallery marked Instagram Drawings. ¬†Unfortunately, he has no link to his Instagram account that I can find.


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Ash’s House

Pokemon House

Well, it looks like it anyway.  Instagram user Pixelized Creations made this really dang good representation of the generic house from Pokemon complete with a garden, and Ash battling Gary.

What’s even better, and somewhat hard to tell from the above angled photo is that it’s a 3-D representation of the scene. ¬†The monochrome colors were chosen to more accurately represent how Pokemon looked 20 years ago on the original Game Boy.

Here are two more photos showing a different perspective where you can better see the depth of the project:

Pokemon Garden.

Pokemon Battle

Originally the project was going to be standard 2 dimensional, then a background was made, then after some thought it morphed into the 3-D scene you see above. ¬†Everything goes really well. ¬†The color scheme, the layout, the characters. ¬†It’s all pretty ace.