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Personal Arsenal


Or mechanized armored transport if you prefer.  On July 11th, and 12th 2014 Auctions America will be auctioning off over 200 different items from the largest private military vehicle collection in the nation.

Since it’s an auction, there are no hard prices, but many of the items I saw were listed without a reserve, and the cheapest estimate I saw was this $1,000 Swiss Army Hand Cart.  But if you have some serious coin, you can get some serious hardware, like this authentic Panzer, for a cool $2.6 million.


I gotta say though, the coup de grace (which I know that phrase doesn’t really fit, but I’m using it) is this commie SCUD:


With no reserve and an estimate of $300,000 this is the ultimate display of power for the budding individual.  Don’t worry about the Communist aspect of it, the mere fact that you’re buying this on the free Capitalist market is irony enough to change the allegiance of this weapon (kinda like wands in Harry Potter).


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The Army Man

Plastic green Army Men.  I remember playing with these things all the time when I was a kid.  I’d set them up all over my house.  Usually they would be the infantry for my G.I. Joe battles, those Awesome interspecies action figure wars that took up the whole of my basement.  Those were good times.

Someone has decided to paint themselves green, and dress up as one of them.

He even has two poses down perfect!

This is truly an excellently well made costume, with a ton of history behind it.  Well done Green Army Guy, well done.

{top photo wiki}

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The Cat 5 Army

Cat-5 Cable, that wonderful cable that can be used for just about everything has a new use – army men.  We used our Cat-5 for something different, but If we knew of these first, we probably would have tried making some.  I mean, the original post is only a month after we made our tribute (March 2006), but it’s in another language.  Oh well, pictures speak all languages so enjoy:

It doesn’t look hard to make…

I would say that Charlie has a POW to me.

A complete arsenal of weapons to choose from.

Ignoring the comment, I’d say that looks like The Terminator to me.

There wasn’t only modern soldiers made, here are some Roman ones.

And look, Santa came to visit too!

Lots more pictures is this topic Lobzik, but it’s another language, one I don’t know, so if you can translate it, a+ for you can you tell us what they are saying?


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It’s D-Day


June 06, 1944, D-Day,  In case you all forgot, today was the day we turned the tides of WWII.  Ah what a much needed invasion that was.  It makes me want to watch Saving Private Ryan now.

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Robotic Suit = first SPARTANs?

robot suits

That, looks like Master Chief’s armor, part of the SPARTAN-II project.  Or, an early version of it anyway.  This new exoskeotin has lots of potential, potential to kill us all.  For if you exit it, it becomes a robot, robots are bad, very bad, don’t we know that by now?