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Alternate History Thursday – Fooled YOU!

Wow, I can’t believe I was able to hold this up for nearly the entire month. Did you guys really believe all these recent posts? I turned on you. No more WW2, no more alternate histories? Come on, what do you think I am?

Well, now that this facade is over, lets go back to what has happened in alternate history land since the last time we visited Nazi Germany’s victory of WW2.

In 1976, UEC (the spiritual successor to Germany in WW2), ships landed on the moon.  They were the first to land and walk on the moon.  It was a great day for the citizens of the world.  By 1978, permanent bases were set up, and by 1980, the first private citizens set foot on the surface of the moon.   What a time to be alive.

However, all was not well for the other victor of WW2, C-SAC, they had landed their own astronauts on the moon by 1977, and had bases by 1979.  However, the great neutral ground that the world wanted the moon to represent was not to be.  Humans have a tendency to not trust each other, so it’s only fitting that in our alternate history, humans behave the same way.

An uneasy peace lasted between the two world powers on the surface of the earth for years.  In fact, with everything that’s happened over time, it’s safe to say that in our alternate history, life will mirror what happened in our real reality.  Except for the moon part.  That’s a sticky situation now.  The moon is the launching point for the rest of the solar system, and both nations wanted to use it for that purpose.

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A Change of Direction

The Deadly Computer Blog is about to change directions.  This will turn into a serious blog, no more nonsense such as Alternate Histories.  No more World War 2 worship.  No more funny business.

Instead, I will focus on long term, quality posts that will gain these valuable readers attention.  It’s ironic then that this post will be less than 100 words long.  Oh well, such is life, remember though, this is the end of the normal.

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The Pokemon Master

Google has a long history with April Fools pranks.  In fact, their most famous one (which wasn’t a joke at all, but seemed like one at the time), Gmail,  is turning 10 today. That’s not to bad if you ask me.

However, this year, Google may have outdid themselves.  Integrating Pokemon with Google Maps, and having to go out and catch em all, well that was ingenious.  I only wish that the time frame was longer then the day and a half that they’ve allotted.  Or perhaps it will be something that is always available, but the contest ends tomorrow.  Either way, I can see hours of time wasted doing this in the coming day.