iPhone Bullet Time


The Matrix made slow-mo 360 degree video popular, they called it “bullet time.”  It usually consists of setting up a ring of cameras pointed at the subject and taking pictures and video like that.  However, as you can imagine, that gets expensive. Smart phones are cheap, and most everyone has them (yes, even me), so … Continued



It’s been long overdue or something, but here is the latest in what could be a long awaited list of wrong stumbles around the internets.  As always its full of the usual memes, gifs, Nazis, 4chan, motivationals, and other general internet shenanigans.  I could write some more, but I am electing to just go ahead … Continued

iPhone Helicopter


This is quite possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen. The level of awesomeness of this is just unbelievable.  An RC helicoptor that transmits live first person video to your iPhone or iPod touch.  That’s also the way you control it?  Brillant! What’s even better, it looks like you can battle 2 of … Continued

iPhone Rampage


One word describes this video.  Insane. Everyone’s been there before, traffic for no reason, or cause the sun is reflecting off the trees when the wind blows 5.2mph, and it gets in the eyes of the 57 year old lady who is already driving 10mph below the speed limit, and causing delays.  Makes you want … Continued

Floppy Software


Ah, I remember the days of the 3.5″ Floppy disk.  I used to be able to back up my entire semester of high school work onto one or two 1.44 MB disks, zipped up of course, because PKZip was all the rage back then.  Then I got a CD burner from my uncle, and magically, … Continued

The Ultimate LEGO Mac


This is the ultimate LEGO computer, be it a Mac or a PC.  It’s everything LEGO stands for, plus some.  The LEGO bricks with the special metal studs to carry power is awesome.  I’m not sure i like the idea that not all bricks can connect to each other, but I understand the reasons why … Continued

The shield will be down in moments…


…you may start your landing. Whoever this is officially has the greatest wireless network name ever.  The only thing I ask of you is if you are out there, send us an email.  Because we want a picture of it with no encryption for just a second so we can say “The shield is down!” … Continued

The Zune Car


While waiting inline at the Apple Store in SoHo last night to see Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway promote their new movie Get Smart, this car passed by which clearly has the Zune logo on it’s spare wheel cover, and on the side window.  Clearly that person is obsessed. Here’s a bonus picture of me … Continued

iPohne 3G – cheaper then the iPod touch


Ever since I got my iPod Touch back in September of 2007, I have been inlove with it, and use it everyday.  Of the many iPods i’ve owned, and used over the years, this one is my favorite.  Tha beiging said, the announcment of the new iPhone 3G earlier today was a, not supprising, but … Continued

LED Apple sign


So, just like the LED Plexiglas heart I made for valentines day, I made another LED Plexiglas thing, this one however, was for me.  I also made it a little bigger, and by a little, I mean it’s 8″ x 10″, where as the heart was only 5″x4″.  Oh well, I like it.  Also, unlike … Continued