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Halo (All I Play-Oh)

This is one of the best non-Weird Al, video parodies I have ever seen.  In case you don’t know, it’s a parody of the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Snow (Hey-Oh), except, it’s about Halo.  I can relate to most of the song, at least the beginning of it, cause it’s the only game I play on my Xbox 360, (hell, it was the reason I bought an Xbox 360)

The song was written and performed by Palette Swap Ninja, and the video was made by usethefork.  I must say, the lyrics are catchy, and the video is awesome.  It must have taken a long time to sync up all the music to the video, espically since I find it annoying to use the saved film feature on Halo 3.  Anyway, it’s awesome, and you should watch it, even if you don’t play Halo.

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Darth Vader vs. ShamWow Vince

It’s a battle of the soundboards.  Which one will reign supreme, on which one can you string together the most insane thoughts totally taken out of contex?

The ShamWow guy.

Or Darth Vader?

I think ShamWow is funnier, simply because the lines are just more humorous.  I think someone should take the Darth Vader sound board and combine it with the ShamWow one, this way you can create amazing sentences of absolutly no revelance what so ever!

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The End of the Earth

Ah, New Year’s, time for end of the earth History channel specials!!  How it’s so fun to watch people get paranoid about things that will never happen.  Not much has changed in the last 2 years, same old things the “scientists” are claiming will kill us.

Now that was a neat little video, how about a cool CGI video of how the earth would look like after an asteroid of about 15 megatons hits the earth.  Isn’t that cool?  I think so.  Although, things like that would mean that my bunker would not work at all, so not cool. I could do without the music though, that’s alittle eh.

If that’s not enough, here’s proof that the robots are on their way and flying among us.  Some CS students over at Stanford University have created A.I. Helicopters that have taught themselves how to fly by watching, and learning human controlled copters.  Why?  This is just inviting disaster to come among us, it must be stopped, and it must be stopped now before these robots become self aware.  We have the power to prevent our own extinction, we must use it.

Now if you’re an AM radio listener, then maybe you should check out the station UVB-76. It’s a Russian/Soviet transmitter that transmits a single tone, and nothing else. There were 3 voice transmissions in the 20+ year history, all in Russian, 2 barely recognizable. Maybe it’s a sign that the end is coming? Probably not, but still some creepy stuff to think about on this New Year’s Eve. You’re Welcome by the way.

Well, that’s that for this year’s end of the world post. I bet you thought it was gonna be longer, and more interesting and all that stuff. Well it’s not.
{video from: Geeks are Sexy | Gizmodo}

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The Ice Bullet Conspiracy with a Twist

This takes the whole Ice Bullet idea to new levels.  No longer will people need to make their own molds for their own traceless assassination plots. Just get this fancy ice tray for $15.

For an extra twist, put these Uranium marbles into the ice tray before you freeze it.  This way you have a double effect of the bullet tearing apart the flesh, some radiation poisoning happening too.

Now, there aren’t very manu Uranium glass makers left in the world, so if you want to get away with no trace, then putting the marbles inside would probably not work too well, but it adds a whole nother level of dedicated craziness to your assassination that can only be admired from afar (I am so easily ammused at that pun I just made).

Now, if anyone wants to get me a gift, those Uranium marbles would be good, and the AK-47 bullet ice tray would be good, but get them together, and that would be awesome…I am going to kill myself one day…

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Tetris in your Shower

More proof that Tetris is the game that is everywhere.  Interactivity is no longer involved.  Well, at least multiple times interactivity anyway.  Since you get to play with these Tetris themed tiles a few times while you set them up to go on your wall.  Once they’re in though, no more.

I think they are awesome.  And when I make my own house, these will be in at least one bathroom, somewhere, wall or floor, not ceiling, that’s weird.  Hopefully by then they will have custom Pantone colors up, this way I can submit the official Tetris colors from the Original game (played on a GBC).  Cause those blue and black, and pink and white colors, yea, not for me…


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Halo ABCs

Dead halos

In case you can’t read that, it says “DEAD”

And that one says “HAHA”

And that is the letter “T”

And in case you are wondering where these letters are coming from, its from the Halo Corpse Alphabet.  A collection of screen shots of corpses from Halo 3.  Some people have lots of free time on their hands…lots of it.

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Optimus Prime vs. Megatron CGI

No, not the one from the movie from last year.  The battle bewteen the two from the classic cartoon.  It’s nicely done, but I like the cartoon version better, it’s more nostalgic, and reminds me of easier, better times.

{Geeks are Sexy}