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The Ocean Maker

You really should watch this 10 minute short film called The Ocean Maker:

It’s short, there’s no dialog, but it’s touching.  There’s just enough story to get the general idea of what’s going on, mixed in with just enough plot.  Additionally, it was made in just under 2 months on an Island in the Caribbean.  It looks like it takes place in Australia though.  It reminds me of the reverse of Water World.  I hope that they submit this for the 2016 Oscars.  It’s perfect for the short animated feature category.

{The Cloud Appreciation Society}

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This Beautiful Goal

Beautiful Goal

I’m a New York Ranger fan.  I have to admit though, this goal by Vladimir Tarasenko is just beautiful.  That will probably be the best goal of the year.  The best.

It’s so good that it inspired a flip book animation version:

{reddit|The Flippist|reddit}

And incase you don’t believe the gif above, here it is in video format:

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Real Life Russian ASCII Animation

And by real life, i mean they printed all these on paper, and made a flip book, animation style video, like in the old days.

It’s pretty cool, because you can tell its all different letters printed to for the drawing.  I like it.  Also, it is a continuation of our ongoing Russian Love event.