awesome computer DIY

Wooden Aluminum Keyboard


reddit user doublecloverleaf has machined and milled his own beautiful computer keyboard from aluminum and fresh (freshly dried anyway), walnut wood.  The walnut came from a tree that his neighbors had cut down last year.  He had it milled and then dried for a year so don’t worry, it shouldn’t warp or check or crack.

milling keys

He milled each of the 91 keys on the keyboard out of blocks of aluminum.  It took him a total of 12 hours for all of them, at least in a perfect world, he messed up a few sets of keys though, so he had to re-do them.  I’m not sure how he messed them up though, no photos of the mess ups.

I like the whole thing, but I am not a fan of the flat topped keys.  I like a little bevel to them, it makes it feel more natural.  I also don’t see any of the raised marks to let you know what keys your fingers are on.  But I guess that’s not necessary for everyone.  There’s not too much of the wood visible unfortunately, but it still looks good.  I’m glad he used warm white LEDs, people don’t use those enough anymore.

Check out the Imgur Album he put together of the whole process


awesome DIY led photo

Gear Like Modular Lighting

LED gear lights

I think they look like bicycle gears anyway.  Andrijan Mueller of Switzerland, who made this says they’re hexagons.  They look like that.  As you’ll see below, each arm of the hexagon/gear is one part of the lamp and can be mounted however he sees fit. This makes the whole thing modular, I like it.

The big 35mm LEDs are diffused in this white acrylic dome.  I like that it softens the usually harsh glow of the LEDs and makes it much more smooth.  the LEDs are color changing, or there are multiple ones in there.  I wish people would use more warm-white LEDs, they look much nicer and have a more natural color to them.

LED globe

That’s actual metal on the top, I think that might be my favorite part.  It’s not cheap wood that’s been painted silver, it’s water cut aluminum.

water cut aluminum parts

He elected to keep the wires exposed, at first I didn’t really like it, but I think it works.  The only part I don’t like are the gears to the upper left where the wires crisscross.  If it weren’t for those, I think it would look more natural.  Also, he’s gotta get this plugged into an outlet behind one of the gears, that wire dangling to the stairs is ugly.

testing with the aluminum

He goes into much more detail on his Imgur album, you should read though it, you’ll enjoy it, I guarantee.