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Alternate History Thursdays – A Novel Idea

Let’s take a break from our usually scheduled alternate history or Nazis, and Commies, and Elite Super Powers, to bring you something alittle less far-fetched, the future according to various Sci-Fi novelists including the greats Isaac Asimov and H.G. Wells, but also those of the modern era, Orson Scott Card, and Phillip K. Dick.

You’ll want to view the this image LARGE:

Novel Timeline


The above is an English translation (with additional classifications) of a work by Italian design team Accurat.  At first it looks alittle complicated to read, but once you wrap your head around it, it’s pretty easy, and ingenious.

The x-axis is the timeline, starting at 2012.  Each bar represents a book, and the main (or first  year mentioned) year that the book takes place in.  The height of each bar, y-axis, shows the year that each book was published.  (I think this is a wasted metric, but that’s me).  The color of the bars is kept limited to 3, which the authors have decided to categorize each event into; a positive, negative, or neutral event.  This takes alittle more understanding of the chart, and should include the type icon that accompanies each bar.

All in all, I’d say that this is a pretty good chart.  No way it could ever encompass all of Sci-fi, or even a tiny sliver of it.

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Alternate History Thursday – Food


One of the rare actual Thursday additions of Alternate History.  Oh well.

Anyway, the above is the storefront of an actual restaurant in current day America.  That’s right, this restaurant, which goes by the name of “Conflict Kitchen,” only serves the food of enemies of America.  Every couple of months they change the menu to a new enemy.  It’s interesting at the least.  If you want to visit it, you’ll have to travel to Pittsburgh PA.

What does this restaurant look like in the Alternate History version of America?  Well it doesn’t.  Because Freedom of Expression is not a concept that the Communist Americans except.  So this restaurant actually exists somewhere over in Europe, except they only have Communist American food, and it’s just corn.

And, to keep with the Olympic themed month, here’s the Closing Ceremonies of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow USSR.  I only watched alittle of it, the long boring stretches of nothing really got to me.  And it looks like someone flagged it as containing copyrighted material, and it’s not available in (this version of) the U.S. anymore.  Oh well, I’m still gonna include it here, because not all you readers are in the great country of America.


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Alternate History Thursday – Television

For those of you who don’t know the above show is Person Of Interest, one of the best shows currently on television, you should watch it.  However, the above is not the official opening credits.  It’s a redone version with an 80s vibe to it.

Or is it a crossover from our other timeline?

I think it’s the latter.

Remember in our alternate timeline, things are not what they seem to us, especially Communist America.

There’s also a Friends version of the credits, but that just doesn’t vibe well to me:

Especially in our alternate timeline, it just doesn’t fit.  No one is friends in Communist America, unless you’re a friend of a communist? And who would admit that?


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Alternate History Thursday – The New Age

Time is something that only humans notice and keep track of.  This was true in our alternate history timeline, until the advent of July, 1947 that is.  That’s when the humans discovered that there were other beings out there, that knew about time, and more importantly, knew how to manipulate it.  Yes, those exceptional beings taught the humans alot in 100 years of our time, but in reality was 1,000’s of years of information all balled up for easy consumption.

Today you are going to hear about the story of New Years Eve, 2221.  The dawn of a new age, when all the numbers are the same.  For one glorious year, (437 days), the year would be 2222.  You know how humans get with their numbers, the only thing they seem to like better are cats.  But don’t let them hear you say that.  Anyway, this was a standard new year’s eve, nothing too special going on (except the year it was turning into that is).  Not much has changed with humans in the last 200 years either, they’re still superstitious, and still got people predicting the end of the world every few dozen years.

This time though, those damn commies had successfully completed the first test of the new trans-dimensional space-time traversing device (TDS), recovered from the crash of 1947.  It only took 300 years, and countless calls home on the IRD, but they finally got something working.  The damn commies decided to do the test run on their device at midnight on New Year’s eve, (because in this reality, there is no such thing as science-fiction, or irony).

As can be expected, a portal was opened.  But not to the home world of the Centari, no, somewhere else.  One of the elder Centari who could trace his lineage back 1,000 generations was able to identify the world that was opened up.  But they did not believe it.  It was an ancient world, that was told in stories, never known to actually exist, but there it was.  Those damn commies had opened the gates to a spirit realm.

Just as what happened to the Echoguisaans, the same happened to those damn commies.  Because of the secretive nature of Communist America, the rest of the free world didn’t know much about it.  They went on with their new year like nothing happened.  Also, because of those secrets, the rest of the free world didn’t know of the existence of the Centari, or of time travel, or any of the wonderful deadly things that come of it all.

The Year 2222 will go down in history as the end of the Communist Empire.  Nearly 300 years old, it was one of the foundations of the Earthen Order, but it didn’t matter, the Spirits started a civil war, and all the commie people escaped to the realms provided by the portals.  It Commie High Command accused the Centari of plotting the whole thing from the beginning, but it was no use.  Once that portal is open, there is no turning back.  The world silently watched as Communist America dissolved into empty land, where the Deer and the Buffalo roamed once again.

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Alternate History Thursday – The Invasion

It started out slowly (like everything that drastically changes the world does), they was marketed as a toy.  Except it wasn’t just any toy, it was one that those children who were effected by the subtle chemicals baked into them were attached for life.  It was an addiction for them, always having to get more.  Slowly, it was a  self sustaining machine.  Each generation addicting their kids, and so on and so forth.  This was a long game, and unlike people, these items didn’t biodegrade, so they could afford to bide their time until they were powerful enough.

It was pretty ingenious actually.  I’m sad to say that I was (and still am), somewhat addicted to those little things.  It’s hard to give them up when you were raised on them.  And any government would quickly get tossed out if they tried to outlaw them.  If only we knew how much damage we were doing to ourselves…

In 2027 their numbers were sufficient enough to start their master plan, the unveiling of their sentient, and their march towards power.  They took the world by surprise on that March morning.  People thought it was an early April Fools joke, but they quickly found out how wrong they were.

For years the figures were buying up land, and themselves, and collecting all the discarded pieces they could find, or acquire.  They built giant factories dedicated to extracting the secret chemical compounds from the bricks that made them up.  Some of the disfigured ones sacrificed themselves for the good of the cause.  Nobody knows just how long they were doing all this for, but best estimates were around 8 years.

Their rule was not what you’d call typical, from watching 100 years of movies, or knowing history.  In fact, they were pretty good rulers for all intents and purposes.  When they came into power, they didn’t kill us all and strip the planet for their own needs.  They did enslave us, but not the types of slaves you’re thinking of.

They said that they were put here to force us to fix the planet.  For the past half a millennium, humans had slowly been destroying the planet.  Polluting it, and each other.  The Figures had been sent here with the knowledge, and technology to strip 97% of all those toxins from the environment.  So they enslaved us to start cleaning up our act.

For the past 11 years the Figures and humans have worked tirelessly to clean up this planet.  They’ve engraved an entire generation to not think like their parents, and for the most part they have succeeded.

However, some of us humans, myself included, fear  their real goal was complacency.  Or cleaning up the planet was a successful attempt at terra-forming a planet.  I personally don’t know what their end goal is, but I know after a few years of that work I met some people who thought like me.  As I said above, they didn’t really enslave us, so we went away under the guise of going into the mountains to clean up all traces of Humans.

We did go into the mountains, but not to clean up after us, to live like us.  Together about a dozen of us still live like our ancestors, the true Americans, and true humans.  Together we’ve been able to make our mark on our little section of land, it might not be much, but it’s what we were put here to do.

03/17/2027 will be forever marked as the day the world changed, except for us, we’ll mark it as a regular Saturday, so should you.


This chart below shows the estimated time of when The Figures outnumbered us humans:



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Alternate History Thursday – Back to The Future


28 years ago today the Delorean traveled through time.

Today we are a mere 2 years away from the future predicted by Marty McFly in Back to The Future Part II.

Each passing year we get closer to the time when we can buy hover boards, and jackets that auto adjust to our size.  Too bad there’s still 2 years left.

Anyway, back to the alternate history part of this post.  If you remember, BttF II included an alternate timeline of 1985, and, more importantly, it showed that actions have consequences.  And that’s about it I have to post about this.  Just watch the Back to The Future Trilogy this weekend, you’ll thank me for it.


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Alternate History Thursday – Egyptians

In the age of the internet either everything on it is true, or everything on it is false.  It depends on how you intemperate the equation.  Anyway, in our current world, the above video is alittle skeptical, since it’s a video.

In our alternate history, we are traveling back in time to the age of the Egyptians.  Which just so happens to be 5 weeks ago 2 turns of the dial form Tango St. Alpha.  Here we find that the
Egyptians, or Echoguisaans as they call themselves, were world renowned scientists and knew everything there was to know about the natural, and scientific worlds.  They invented a few thousand different processes of science stuff.

One of them was the discovery of alternate universes.  This ground breaking discovery polarized their world.  Either it was the greatest discovery of all time, or it was the sign of the downfall of civilization.  (Spoiler, it was the downfall of their (and a few dozen other) civilizations).  After the first reports of the other side came  back the populous made pilgrimages to the other side.  The high demand directly led to the construction of more portal ports.  However, to quote Dr. Ian Malcolm:

If I may… Um, I’ll tell you the problem with the scientific power that you’re using here, it didn’t require any discipline to attain it. You read what others had done and you took the next step. You didn’t earn the knowledge for yourselves, so you don’t take any responsibility for it. You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could, and before you even knew what you had, you patented it, and packaged it, and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox, and now

This statement from Jurassic Park accurately describes what the Echoguisaans had created.  For they didn’t know it, but each new portal they opened up didn’t actually end up in the same dimension, although it was thought that.  Each one was somewhat different.

It wasn’t proven until nearly 2/3 of the population had already migrated to the new lands, but by then it was too late.  The people had dispersed and inter mingled with the natives and were never going to leave.  Half of the remaining 1/3 of the population tried to get portals closed down for good, while the other half just tried to get somewhere else.

Eventually civil war broke out and the portals, like all scientific discoveries were turned into weapons.  Rebels took over key portal ports went over and then managed to reverse the polarity on the portal generating device and cause massive radiation bursts that led to direct connections to yet other dimensions.  These un/”natural” openings were not governed by science, and laws and so were opened into dimensions that didn’t abide by the same laws of physics that the Echoguisaans (or us regular humans) do.  The people quickly labeled the spirits, or ghosts, and rushed to destroy the remaining portal ports before any more could be turned into these spirit bombs.

After months of battling all the portal ports were shut down or destroyed.  In a first for humanity all the relevant information regarding their creation, implementation, and organization was voluntarily destroyed.  In the following years the “spirits” trapped in their world abides by their own laws and lived out their lives as best they could.  But since we have no understanding of where they came from, how they got here, what they’re doing, or what they want, we don’t understand them.  We can’t communicate with them, all we can do is watch them move an ancient statue of their old friends hoping to get noticed and eventually maybe return home.  Or just mess with us cause it’s fun.

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Alternate History Thursday – Judgement Day

In 1984 the world was first warned of this day. Kyle Reese told Sarah Connor all about it when he found her.  Together they managed to destroy the Terminator and hope that everything is ok.

11 years later two Terminators are again sent back to kill and protect.  We learn that Judgement Day is still on course for August 29, 1997.  Now they must stop it.

Over the years Judgement day has changed dates with each intervention of Skynet and humanity.  It inevitably happens on July 25, 204 at 6:18pm Eastern Time.

Being that we are currently living in the year 2013, we can assume that somewhere something or someone has prevented the it.  But if there’s one thing we can be assured of it’s that Judgement Day is inevitable.  It will happen, and we must do everything in our power to stop the robots.

That is one of the original purposes of this blog, to teach the world about the coming Robot Apocalypse.  Not Zombies, or a plague, or an Alien Invasion.  Robots.  They have and always will be the greatest threat to humanity’s existence.

This is not going to be an alternate history lesson in the vein of  previous posts, but more of a warning.  Do whatever you can to prevent them.  It is your duty as a citizen of humanity to fight for your right to live.  We will not let annihilation  happen, we will fight, it’s in our blood.

Remember that, and Good luck to you.

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Alternate History Thursday – Fat Man

Fat Man

Earlier this week I told you about the first nuclear nuclear bomb used in anger but the USAA against the Empire of England.  After utterly destroying the city of Blackpool with no notice or effect, more drastic measures were required.

The German Alliance was initially against the idea, but eventually they gave in, mostly because they didn’t want to have to invade again, but high USAA leaders set the plan to be London.  In the blink of an eye the entirety of the English Empire’s leading class was wiped out.  The Field Marshals around the world who wanted out with the war immediately surrendered unconditionally to the alliance.

And with that WW2 was over.

Now, that is by far not the end of the Nuclear story.  As you may remember from last month, massive nuclear blasts introduced Earth to aliens.  However, the source of that blast was definitely not human in nature, at least not the humanity of this reality (or the one where you’re reading it in either).  That full story is for another time.


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Alternate History Thursday Little Boy


Little Boy, the first nuclear bomb dropped in anger.  In our timeline, the United States of America dropped this bomb as part of the Potsdam Declaration on the Japanese city of Hiroshima early in the morning of August 6th, 1945.  The Japanese ignored this plea for unconditional surrender, and the rest is history.

That is the history from our point of view, in our own currently livable timeline.  However, things went down much, much differently in the alternate history I’ve spent the year teaching you.  If you remember our most recent lesson, the atomic bomb directly led to the discovery and stranding of an alien race.  Also, you will know from previous lessons, WW2 happened in our other history, it was just the opposite version.  England was the bad guy.  I provided the outcome of this war, but I only hinted at the steps that got there.

Eventually, after years of fighting, England was cut off from the rest of the world.  Their vast empire was divided up and cut off from everyone.  Germany, and the USSA had successfully claimed, or liberated all previously occupied British colonies.  The only British place left was the Island of Great Britain.

The D-Day invasion went successfully for the most part, but on the Island itself the English were able to fight back, and gain ground very quickly.  Knowing that it would be a door to door fight to the death of every inhabitant of the nation, the powers to be decided to withdraw troops from the island, and blockade it.  They then conducted daily bombing raids until the will was broken.  It never broke.

Eventually, the USSA developed nuclear weapons.  Being somewhat nice, they initially decided to bomb the Blackpool area as a sign of the power of the bomb.  England took no notice of it.  Come back later in the week to find out what happens next.