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Alternate History Thursday: Tuesday

Usually there’s a special date associated with an Alternate History post, but not this time.  No, this time it’s a straight up history dump of the greatest things you never knew happened because you’re not privy to that reality.  This will mostly be a bullet pointed list of things that I’ve uncovered over the years of my research into the trans dimensional time-shifter device.  Feel free to ask me any questions you have regarding the verification of the following

  • Did you know that in 1734, early American settlers had traveled as far north west as present day Rapid City S.D.  They were fast moving across the continent trying to out run the Secret Nimphig revolution that was about to take place along the Coast.  The Nimphigs were what the Illuminati were know as back then.  They were about to usher in a change that is still effecting the world today.  And no, I’m not talking about the American Revolution.  We all know that that was the cumulation of the Free-Masons.  And while the two societies may be one and the same to the average citizen of humanity of today, 300 years ago they were as different as Americans and damn dirty Commie Russians.
  • The War of 1812 was a 2nd attempt by the Nimphigs to over throw the Free-Masons.  It obviously failed, but they were able to gain a foothold in western Canada.  That area is still feeling the effects of this war, as you no doubt can tell by it’s very low population.  This isn’t because the area is “in-hospitable.”  That’s just what the Nimphigs have told you is there.  They control the maps, they’ve had centuries to cover their tracks, they are waiting.
  • In 1914 they tried to show their faces to the world again.  (Un)Luckily the world was pre-occupied with the start of the first Great War and so they managed to infiltrate many different nations and ways of life.  The Nimphigs kept to the Americas.  There are huge tracks of land and resources around ever corner.  Since Europe was busy fighting about things that didn’t matter at all, the Nimphigs were able to infiltrate every nation of the America. In some places, mainly America, this infiltration was identified and destroyed quickly, but in others it persists to this day.
  • The stock market crash and the great depression, those are directly tied to the Nimphigs.  Governments were getting suspicious and so they needed an out.  The Secretive Seven as they were known among themselves devised the stock market crash.  They just didn’t realize how big of an impact it would have on the world.  They thought it would be localized and only last a few months.  In the end they weren’t able to easily secure all their belongings and start their own nation.  Instead they are among us still, collecting interest, waiting, watching, willing for a chance to rise again and show the world what they want – vengeance.

Alternate History Thursday: Fukushima

On March 11, 2011 a tsunami hit the coast of Japan.  If that’s not devastation enough, we soon learned that the nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi was majorly effected, and was in the process of a melt down.  To date it is only the 2nd nuclear event to be designated a Level 7 on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale, which is Major Accident, the repercussions of this accident are still relatively unknown while the rest of the world tries to figure out just how bad things are spiraling out of control.

I’m not going to go over the events of the following days, I’m just here to remind you of the things that happened and to get you interested.  As many of you hopefully know I am a strong proponent of Nuclear power, and the events of March 2011 were not primarily the result of man.  You could say, (and it has been said in various reports), that this was entirely TEPCO’s fault, but that’s looking at it in hindsight, which is simply not fair.

Anyway, I’m already getting concerned that I might go off on a useless tangent, so I’m going to end this post before I begin it.  Fukushima was bad, but it wasn’t the worst and it shouldn’t cause you to worry about nuclear power.  It’s still far safer then coal, or oil, or natural gas.

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The Man in the High Castle

I don’t remember what I was watching when this trailer came out.  Maybe it was The Great War, maybe it was something else, either way, I’m glad I didn’t skip the ad.  In a bit to combat Netflix, which is trying to combat big Cable, which, in turn, is combating the major networks, Amazon has started their own original content video series.  To be honest, I never cared for any of these streaming services except House of Cards.  But this show, this one looks right up my ally.

The Man in the High Castle the show is based off of the Phillip K. Dick novel of the same name.  In it, the United States of America, and the allied powers have lost World War 2, and America is under Axis control.  I’m not so sure what time frame the show is set in, I could look it up, and read the book, but I don’t want to.  I want to be surprised when I watch this show, because since it’s streaming, I’ll be able to watch it all on one long weekend.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until November 20th to watch this show.  Not to fear, it will give you plenty of time to watch Person of Interest.

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Alternate History Thursday: 00A – Judgement Day

Judgement Day has had many different days over the years.  With each attempt on John Connor, or his family, the inevitable day gets pushed back, usually by about a decade.  Today, the 5th (but really, it should be the 4th, Salvation shouldn’t count) chapter in John Connor’s crazy family history is revealed.  Time (time when I go see this movie that is) will tell when the new date is scheduled, but you can rest assured that John Connor will survive thanks in no small part to some killer protectors from the future.

Arnold has gone on an extensive media tour to try and get people excited about the film, but current reviews are meh, no where near as good as the Jurassic World reviews were.

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Alternate History Thursday – Fooled YOU!

Wow, I can’t believe I was able to hold this up for nearly the entire month. Did you guys really believe all these recent posts? I turned on you. No more WW2, no more alternate histories? Come on, what do you think I am?

Well, now that this facade is over, lets go back to what has happened in alternate history land since the last time we visited Nazi Germany’s victory of WW2.

In 1976, UEC (the spiritual successor to Germany in WW2), ships landed on the moon.  They were the first to land and walk on the moon.  It was a great day for the citizens of the world.  By 1978, permanent bases were set up, and by 1980, the first private citizens set foot on the surface of the moon.   What a time to be alive.

However, all was not well for the other victor of WW2, C-SAC, they had landed their own astronauts on the moon by 1977, and had bases by 1979.  However, the great neutral ground that the world wanted the moon to represent was not to be.  Humans have a tendency to not trust each other, so it’s only fitting that in our alternate history, humans behave the same way.

An uneasy peace lasted between the two world powers on the surface of the earth for years.  In fact, with everything that’s happened over time, it’s safe to say that in our alternate history, life will mirror what happened in our real reality.  Except for the moon part.  That’s a sticky situation now.  The moon is the launching point for the rest of the solar system, and both nations wanted to use it for that purpose.

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Alternate History Thursdays: New Beginings

The end of the month, but the beginning of the year.  So far this year has been pretty uneventful, snow, Television, pretty standard stuff.  However, the year is just beginning, and it’s about to get crazy.

100 years ago an alliance was formed with the other dimensions.  The guardians of our present dimension allied themselves with those of NuytBat Dimension, and the Parallellly Dimension.  Together, this tri-axis alliance was used to fend off the parasitic lifeforms that were invading.  No one is quite sure where these lifeforms came from.  The common theory is that they were formed via experiments into cross-dimensional travel by humans in the late 2200s, clearly, everything is always humanity’s fault.

Nonetheless, we’ve successfully held The Rock at bay.  No, this parasite has nothing to do with The Rock, it’s just the common name for the parasite.  Unfortunately it’s been engraved in the minds and souls of the tri-axis members.

2015 marks the 101 year since the alliance was formed.  It was widely held that the parasite wouldn’t last this long, but it’s show resilience to every form of attack we’ve thrown at it.  We are running out of time, the Parallelly are nearly overrun, and have even agreed to take refuge in our “poor dimension,” as they call it.  I urge you to fight this menace, to help us purge it from existence.  With a near infinite number of universes out there there must be one where we have the cure.  It just becomes a matter of finding that one, and not the one where The Rock is super powerful and all knowing.

The NuyBat do not want us to use these cross-dimensional machines for they fear this is exactly how The Rock formed, but we feel that there is no choice left.

This is our final transmission for the foreseeable future.  We will record our progress to help others, but it will be encrypted so that the wrong hands do not get ahold of it.


Those who wish to follow in our footsteps, the decryption is here:


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Alternate History Thursday – Canned Sunshine


In our currently accepted reality, August 8, 1945 is the date that the general public officially was introduced to the atomic bomb.  Many things have been said, and opinions shared over the decades since it’s use on reasons for and against them, but that’s not for us to debate, regular readers should know by now my stance on them, and if you don’t then don’t worry, all you need to know is that they were necessary.

Now, onto the meat and potatoes of this story, what is happening in alternate reality timeline land?  Well, lots of things, so Here. We. Go.

Joker Here. We. Go.

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Alternate History Thursday – TIME


The above is a real time gif of the earth’s movement.  Just watch it, it moves at few frames a second, and after 24 hours, it will be back where it started.  Anyway, you could waste all day watching that, or you can take my word for it and then read the following:

Time is an interesting concept.  It’s claimed that it’s the only constant in the universe, and that it can only flow in one direction.  But I’m about to flip all that 180 degrees on you.  TIME is as a concept that humans understand is flawed.  By gaining access to an alternate reality, you can quickly see that the flow of time is not equal to that in your local reality.  This is most easily seen when traveling “back in time” to 1947 by dialing in the correct coordinates and opening the temporal-displacement door (TDD).  The technology for this door was provided to us by the crashed alien craft from the late 1940s.

Now, conventional wisdom says that with a flux-capacitor, and the ability to drive at 88mph, you will be able to open your own TDD.  The technology displayed in a flux-capacitor has not been successfully decoded, but we believe that the TDD is an alternate version of the flux-capacitor.  It’s probable that the aliens have decided that a door is the optimal way to change dimensions, whereas for us humans, if you’re gonna make a time machine (out of anything), why not do it with some style.

After careful examination of the final product, it was determined that the TDD was safe for human use, and the first time travelers were sent to the year 1947 to witness the crash landing of the aliens from which the technology came.  Temporal paradoxes are prevented because we are not traveling through time, but rather to another dimension altogether.  However, it is important to note that once the door is closed, travel to that dimension from your source dimension is more or less closed.  The probability that a door can be opened to the same dimension is ridiculously small with our current understanding, and the aliens are not telling use anything helpful.

Regardless, we feel that this a minor issue for the time being.  The door doesn’t need to be fully open to keep the portal open, just not closed completely.  This has prompted the invention of the Temporal-Jam (T-JAM).  This leaves the TDD open just a hair, and as long as the location is known, can be opened with minimal force.  Care must be used so that only approved beings travel through the door, this is why it’s recommended that a firewall be constructed around each TDD complete with auto-close functionality, and it’s own low-yield nuclear device.  The EMP field will destroy the time-circuits, and hopefully any dangerous lifeforms that make it through the TDD.  Any local loss of life is expected in this situation, and understood.

This is just a preliminary report, we look forward to further testing of the TDD, T-JAM, and fail-safes in order to work out all kinks in the plan and make it a profitable endeavor.


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Alternate History Thursday – VR D-Day

Today marks a turning point in World War 2.   Both in the present reality, and in our alternate reality.

70 years ago Allied forces begun the largest seaborne invasion in the history of the world.  While the term D-Day is a generic military term denoting the day a particular attack or event is supposed to take place, common knowledge of D-Day is around The Normandy Landings, Operation Neptune, Normandy, call it what you want, it’s still one of the top 5 most important days in the last century.

Times have vastly changed over the years, and with the advent of Virtual Reality, in Oculus Rift, a group of 30 engineers has taken the original blueprints and digitized them in a fully immersive experience.  Their focus was on the engineering required to make these historic, and tide changing innovations.  From the Waco CG-4 Glider used to transport troops and equipment behind enemy lines leading up to D-Day, to the Mulberry harbor, the portable harbor that was used to offload cargo onto the beaches.

Using the actual blueprints (some of which they had to go dig up in the Smithsonian archives), Dassault Systems has recreated these massive and pivotal crafts in full 3-D worlds.

Dassault Systems has really outdone themselves, and they hope that for the 75th anniversary, even more will be available.  It should be noted that this is not supposed to be a recreation for entertainment, it’s for learning purposes, and more importantly, to honor the unknown, who made this monumental day possible.  Here’s a short video that explains the reasoning behind it, and what to expect.

I made this puzzle when I was around 12, I glued it together and mounted it on blue poster board and construction paper.  It’s hanging in a frame on my wall.  One day I hope to add some other Robert Taylor WW2 Puzzles to the collection.


{Engadget|Venture Beat}

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Alternate History Thursdays – May Day

It’s May Day, and you know what that means, time to celebrate Communism.  In the present reality, May Day is celebrated on May 1st, when it’s known as International Workers Day, except in America, where it’s known as Labor Day, and celebrated on the first Monday of September.

Well, in our alternate reality, it’s still celebrated on May 1st, even in Communist America.  It’s worth it to know that the movement started soon after WW2 ended, in July of 1949, (incipiently, just a few years after Roswell, coincidence, I think NOT!)  There are many theories as to how this holiday started, I will go into the one I like best, which, no surprise, deals with the attempted usage of Alien technology by dumb stupid Communists.

After nearly a full earth year on the planet, the surviving aliens were desperate to make contact with their home world, so they actually assisted, as opposed to trying to, the Commies in getting the IDR functioning.  They managed to hook it up and send messages back with few problems in no time at all.  However, it wasn’t right away that they heard a response from their home planet.  You see, across realities, the aliens had not been missing at all yet.  It was only when they made contact that time synced back up again, and the natives of Centari received the message.  It was like “pause” had been set on reality, and the aliens were just getting back to the game.

The Centarins had no record of a missing ship, so they took this all as a hoax at first.  It wasn’t until months later, late August 1948 local earth time, that the Centarians believed their story, (time has been flowing normally now).  The question now becomes what happened, and how to fix it?

Naturally, the stranded aliens, (who unfortunately have never been given names in any official, or unofficial document), didn’t divulge all this information to the Commie Americans.  Weather it was because the stranded knew that the Americans were commies, and inherently evil, or because they were naturally dis-trusting of humans in general will probably never be known.  What is know though, is that the Commie Americans tried as hard as possible to get weapons out of this technology in any way possible.  They were very much interested in the whole time travel aspect of the Centarians.

The Centarians on the other hand were not able to help with the time travel aspect.  They were at a loss as to how they managed to stop time for their counterparts back home.  From what they were able to gather (having been able to hook up to the Galactic Photon Flow, (GPF), which is basically the inter-galactic version of the internet), many universities and amateurs alike had been trying for months to study the gigantic space explosion.  Some were focused on the location, while others were focused on the cause.  Both had so far proved elusive.

Oh well, that’s enough of this story for now, turns out it had nothing to do with May Day did it?  Was it enjoyable at least?