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Underwater AK-47

It should come as no surprise to you that I am a fan of the Soviet Made AK-47.  Well, actually, maybe it should, considering just how anti-Soviet I actually am, but there’s just no denying a well made machine, and one thing the AK-47 is, is a well made machine, (at least, the original Soviet made versions, the newer Chinese made ones not so much).

The AK-47 is legendary for it’s ability to be subject to the harshest conditions man can dream up, and still fire.  Well, reddit user Onlydead has a high speed video of someone firing an AK-47, while it’s underwater.  There’s not much else to it, but I thought it’s worth the 19 seconds of your time. (60 if you include all the reading you had to do already, sorry).

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AK-47 Guitar

Something has to be said about the AK-47, and how it turly is the greatest assault rifle ever made.  I could literally spend hours talking about it, so instead, I will let Nicholas Cage describe it, in my most favorite part of an excellent movie:

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Anyways, these fine people have managed to make a guitar out of an AK-47, and it actually looks pretty decent too, as you can see from the above shot (haha, shot).

An AK, taken appart.

The closed case actually does look like an ammunition case of some sort.

There’s a switch.

Heres a sketch of what he wanted to make with a real gun.

Here are the specs on it, I don’t know musical stuff, so I’m just gonna link to it.

Also, for version 2 of this, it needs to be able to fire bullets.  Cause we all know that you just need to pick off those fucking annoying fans once and for all, and if you had a fully functional gun on the end of your guitar, you could totally get away with killing those bastard hecklers.