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Clouds from Cloud Level

I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted this before, but hey, maybe I have, oh well.  German photographer Rüdiger Nehmzow has a different take on photographing clouds.  Now, I have a certain soft spot for clouds, and I try and always take photos out of airplane windows when I travel.  But I’m sitting safe inside a commercial Boeing 7×7.  Nehmzow, he’s strapped himself into a harness, and takes photos out the open door of an airplane as it’s flying high above the earth.

Clouds from the Clouds

This is pretty crazy.  I’m not crazy enough to do something like that.  I think it’s cool, but I like the safety of the inside of the closed airplane.  Watch the video below, it’s only 7 minutes, for a look at how he went about this shoot.

{This is Colossal}

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Aviation Desk

the desk

I have a thing for desks.  I built my own oversized one (now that I think of it, I don’t think I ever posted that DIY, I should get on that), and I’ve wanted to make another one  of a different theme for some time now.  Well, reddit user SirLanceOlong decided to make his own desk based on an airplane wing design.  The design is just about the only thing aviation about it though, there’s far too much heavy wood involved in it.  I’m sure the desk is sturdy enough to put a small car on top of, but it’s grossly over-engineered, just my type of design!

desktop frame

Here’s a closer up view of the table surface as he adds the sheet metal to the frame:

adding metal

desktop view


I think my favorite part however is the pin-up girl painted on the side.  That really makes this desk transcend from a regular over thought out airplane wing desk, to a truly dedicated work of Aviation art.

desk pinup girl

He has two large (100 photo) gallery over on imgur and a smaller 50 photo gallery of the more final product.  Feel free to look it over, including the first inspiration photo.  I got to say, he did a good job of coming close to the inspiration.


First Person Flying

Well, not entirely, but it’s still cool to see the inside of a WW2 Mosquito.  In other words, did you know there’s an entire subreddit dedicated to World War II airplanes.  It’s called /r/WWIIplanes, it’s pretty ace.{reddit}

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SR-71 Model

There are model air planes, there are model jet airplanes, and then there is this model SR-71.  Complete with REAL JET ENGINES.  This thing looks frekin sick.  I mean, look at it, it doesn’t look like it should fly, but it does.  And since it’s a scale model, it’s close to what the real one looks like, and is.  Did you see it take off, it looks so strange, not like a typical plane.  And turning, it’s amazing.  The SR-71 truly is the king of the skies.  I hope it’s safe to say that it will be the coolest plane that mankind has ever made.

Remember True Speed, you should read it again, it’s practically required reading when the SR-71 is brought up.


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How a Jet Engine Works


Engine Core

I featured Animagraffs before, that time it was how a gun works.  Now we see how a Jet Engine works.

The Afterburner is the important part.  It’s what allows the F-15 to be such an effective fighter.  Not just the F-15 though, all fighters use it, but the F-15 is the best fighter ever made.


Highly detailed gifs like this are the one of the great benefits of computers.  It’s way easier to learn how things work when you can have these types of diagrams.  It also allows young kids to get more into science, and interested in wanting to make these things.

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The Sky

SKYLAPSE – AN ARIEL HYPER-LAPSE from Rufus Blackwell on Vimeo.

This is a pretty good time-lapse/video of the sky, as viewed out the window of an airplane.  Whenever I go on an airplane, I need a window seat.  It’s not often that you get to see the world from 35,000 feet above.  It’s truly a unique perspective.

{The Cloud Appreciation Society}

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Boeing 777 as Paper


The Boeing 777 was in production when I was just getting into engineering, and aerospace, and things like that.  So naturally, I was fascinated with the plane, and read about it and stuff as much as I could (this was before the internet existed in a easy to use fashion).  However, I never obsessed over it like Luca Iaconi-Stewart did.  He recreated a complete 1:60 scale model of the plane.  And by complete I mean seats, over-head bins, cargo hold, curtains separating First and regular class.  Did I mention he used manila folders and glue?


Yea, he did.

The whole thing has taken 5 years of his life, and he dropped out of school to finish it.  This is dedication on an insane level.

inside cabon

Here’s a (7 minute) timelapse of some of the process, which is crazy.

You really need to look through his flickr stream, the level of detail is insane to think about, but to actually see is something else.  The next crazy thing to think of is that something 60 times larger then this and just as complicated flies at > 500 mph all the time.


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Paper Airplanes


If you ever wanted to build the most complicated paper airplane in existence, you should check out this Exotic Paper Airplane Gallery.  This 54 step impossible plane is the one I stumbled to and tried, and failed to make.  Granted, it is listed as the most difficult one to make on the site, but I still tried to make it.

I starting having problems around step 23, and by step 32 I was completely lost.  I skipped ahead a bit, and I have no idea how getting folds like that is even possible.  I’ll stick to my regular paper airplanes for the time being, at least until i practice some more.

I do like the Aero Spike:

Aero Spike

But it too is rather difficult to make. I need to practice.


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Carry-on “Spy” Jacket

spy trench coat
click to make giant


Well, it’s not really a “spy” jacket, especially since you have to take it off and get it X-rayed at the airport anyway, but the name of the company that makes/will make/thought it up, SCOTTEVEST, reminds me of Soviet, and that reminds me of Spies, and so this will get the name of the Spy Jacket.

The “Carry-On Coat” or, what I would call it, a trench coat,  the one pictured above, is, for lack of a better term, their “Flagship” product in this new, untapped market of unneededness.  It is a good concept, but I find that in testing it wouldn’t work at all.  I’m all for putting as much stuff on your person as possible when you travel, it’s just smart.  But have you ever tried to sit down in an airplane chair with a coat on?  It doesn’t work, especially if you have 2 shirts, a pair of shoes, and a full bottle of water.

But you already knew that, so you took your jacket off and stuffed it in the overhead bin.  But oh noes, this flight is full of smart people, and they all have their two allowed carryons, all at the maximum size allowed, now the flight attendants are saying you must keep your jackets on you/your lap to make room for all the bags.

Now you’re stuck with this giant uncomfortable Teflon “pillow” for your 8 hour plane ride next to some screaming 2 year old.

Also, this is not in leather, and I like leather, it looks better.

There is this sport coat version, which is slightly easier to wear and not be all weird, except you can’t keep an extra pair of clothes in it, but really, what purpose does that serve.

{Engadget | Gadling}

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Wright Brothers Flight Video

I promise I’m not just gonna make anniversary posts, I will get some real new good ones up soon.  But this was a neat little video I stumbled to that I thought I should share regarding a later flight by The Wright Brothers.

My favorite part comes at the 1:30 mark, when you see the guys in the round top hats duck, and walk around, and act all “turn of the century” with their hats, and canes, and the like.

The video is pretty good quality for the time, but the lack of sound makes it eerie.  Not as eerie as the creepiest tree ever, but up there.