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The Most Interesting Man in The World

Is about to embark on a one way trip to Mars.  Yes my friends, Dos Equis is retiring The Most Interesting Man in the World.  But not without a bang.  They’re going to send him off to Mars, and as always, he’s interesting, he has no regrets because he doesn’t know what regret feels like.

Here’s the first video in the sendoff campaign:

One of the real stories is of the actor that plays him, Jonathan  Goldsmith.  Goldsmith basically faked his way through Hollywood, but being in the Dos Equis commercials was his big break.  NPR has an article about him, it’s worth a read, you’ll finish it quick, trust me.

awesome science video


I may be a year behind the times, but you still gotta admit, this is a pretty cool video.  It also looks super dangerous, but remember, all the best things have an element of danger to them.  One of the advantages to being a year behind is that we can now watch the entire Built For It Trials ad campaign.  This makes it worth it in itself.


Here’s a them making a Sand Castle:

The other 3 videos in the series, Lantern Festival, Bull in a China Shop, and Gravity are not nearly as exciting, at least from a lay-person’s perspective.  You can watch the entire series on this playlist.

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