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The Most Interesting Man in The World

Is about to embark on a one way trip to Mars.  Yes my friends, Dos Equis is retiring The Most Interesting Man in the World.  But not without a bang.  They’re going to send him off to Mars, and as always, he’s interesting, he has no regrets because he doesn’t know what regret feels like.

Here’s the first video in the sendoff campaign:

One of the real stories is of the actor that plays him, Jonathan  Goldsmith.  Goldsmith basically faked his way through Hollywood, but being in the Dos Equis commercials was his big break.  NPR has an article about him, it’s worth a read, you’ll finish it quick, trust me.

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Actually Cloverfield

The latest Cloverfield Super Bowl TV ad.  It raises more questions then it answers to be honest.  But hey, hopefully it’s something good.  I think it might be the first movie of the year I go see.


awesome photo video

Hand made Stop Motion Paper Ad

The above ad is a hand made, drawn, and hand photographed film that was made to show the history of Honda, and the huge number of products that they made over the years.  It’s a pretty impressive video, it’s 2 minutes long, and needs to be viewed in it’s entirety, so I bet it doesn’t get as much air time as other shorter clips would.  But it’s impressive, and fun.  Stop motion is cool, I tried making one way back when.  It didn’t come out horrible, but it took way more time then I anticipated, and it was only using like pipe-cleaners.  So I can fully believe that this shoot took 4 months to make.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at how this ad was made over the course of 4 months:

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