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America The Beautiful

Blurry Neon

Happy Birthday America, may you always be Great, and if anything, become greater!


Deadly Computer photo


I was going to make a Brexit joke, but that’s overdone, so instead, here’s some pictures of Fireworks.

Red + White

Perfect Ball


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Drone Fireworks

Drone Fireworks 1

Calder Wilson has come up with another neat thing to do with drones.  Attach fireworks to them, light them, and take long exposure photos.

Drone Fireworks 2

It’s not a unique idea, but it is the first time I’m seeing someone use this idea for photography.  People have attached Fireworks to R/C Planes before, but that was for some first-person aerial dog fighting, not art.  I still maintain that a company could make some serious money with the aerial dog-fighting drone attachments.

Anyway, try this out tonight if you have a chance, just make sure you’re sober, Happy 4th of July world.

{Peta Pixel|Boing Boing}