DIY science video


The Beauty of Science is just what they say, showing some of the awesome things that you can produce with Science.  The above video is really just simplicity.  If you place different colored m&ms into a petri dish of water, they will slowly dissolve.  That’s nothing new.  What is new and interesting is the designs they produce while dissolving.  The different colors from the dyes used in the candies evenly spread out among the water.  It looks pretty amazing if you ask me.

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awesome Deadly Computer the greatest video

Yosemite in Sunlight, In Starlight, In 4K

This stunning 4K video time-lapse and collection from Yosemite is just that, stunning.  I know I like my time-lapses, and I know I like my Yosemite, but this is above and beyond anything I’ve produced.  Well, maybe not my Mirror Lake images, those are damn good.


awesome science the greatest video

The Space Station

You really do want to spend the next 18 minutes watching this video, you will thank me.

I got two things out this tour. 1). There are flashlights everywhere.  I guess it makes some sense, it still seems excessive. 2). It’s more cluttered than a teenager’s bedroom.  And I’m sure like every teenager, they moved stuff and tidied up for the video.  This really puts into perspective where we are as a species, and that is very far from the clean, sleek interiors of the various ships shown in sci-fi movies and TV.

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Alaska awesome Deadly Computer photo video

Alaskan Time-Lapse

You all should know that I’m a huge fan of time-lapses.  Well, on my trip to Alaska, I took quite a few of them, instead of making you watch each one individually, I put them all together in this short two minute video, and I included some sweet music to listen to it at the same time!  It’s also in 4k!!1

I only took time-lapses at 3 of the parks I’ve visited – Wrangell-St. Elias, Gates of the Arctic, and Kobuk Valley.  I wasn’t in the same spot for long enough at Kenai Fjords, Katmai we were walking and on the look out for bears, and in Lake Clark I had some camera trouble.  Regardless, I think the above is pretty dang good, what about you?

awesome photo video

Patience Timelapse

This 4K Time-lapse called Patience is beautiful.  I’ve made a few time-lapses before, but they were only night-sky ones so they didn’t involve too much editing, or camera movement, or any of the HDR that the above shows.  I appreciate the effort that goes into making one, especially with all the music lined up perfectly like that.  This was done by photographer Paul Richardson, and he has a pretty ace portfolio.