Work at the Googleplex


That’s Google’s unoffical plan for world domination.

Really, take a look at some of the photos here

Wouldn’t You want to work there? I know I do.


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microwave updates


well, i updated the microwave page today.

I think im going to change the blue of the secondary buttons to something darker.

I’ll do that tomorrow or something.

i also added a bunch of the new videos we did last week.

In short, they are amazing!

Go to space cheap!


Want to go to space?

Want to go to space but not have to pay hundards of thousands, even millions of dollars?

Then this is for you:

The planned launch sometime in March of a rocket carrying the ashes of actor James Doohan, who played chief engineer Montgomery Scott on “Star Trek,” and Mercury program astronaut Gordon Cooper will give a fitting send-off to two men who helped popularise human space exploration.


“It broadens the market, which is important to us because our whole business plan is about getting more people access to space,” said Harvin Moore of Space Services Inc. of Houston, which is sponsoring the ashes flight.

“Space needs to be affordable for all in some way.

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It’s an interesting concept, I’ll give the company that.  Actually, they’ve got me interested…..

Apple & Feb 28


Think Secret reports of an email sent out to select people about a conference being held on February 28 at Apple’s Town Hall conference center at 10am PCT.

Solid information on what Apple may unveil at the event has escaped sources, but reasonable speculation suggests the debut of further Intel-based Macs or a new video iPod. Think Secret recently reported details of Apple’s intentions to release a new iPod with a larger display and integrated touch-sensitive controls.

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So, even with all the hype over the new iPod video with a possible touch screen, my money is on an Intel based Mac Mini or iBook.

Weather Control Device?


An engineer at Research Support Instruments is working with the U.S. Air Force to develop a project called the Microwave Ionosphere Reconfiguration Ground based Emitter, codenamed Mirage. Now this isn’t creating tornadoes or wind storms to wreak havoc, it is modifying the ionosphere to disrupt enemy communications and to help ours.

The Mirage project would station a microwave transmitter on the ground then launch a small rocket into the atmosphere that would release plasma throughout the ionosphere.

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pretent the last sentence of the first paragraph isn’t there, and just read that again.

The only words that stood out to me were: U.S. Air Force, Microwave, Emitter, Plasma, & ionosphere. Now, i know, i left out almost everthing, but, think of the other things here.

Weather control device?  Plasma?  Microwave? Come on, this has conspiracy written all over it!

toothpaste to fix scrtached cds


Toothpaste seems to be a quick, easy, cheap method of polishing up scratched cd’s.

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I havent tried this yet, but, i will.

I wonder what toothpaste will do in the microwave now though, a toothpaste coating on cds as they die, hmmmmm…..

Song Tapper


Song Tapper is a site that allows you to tap the melody & lyrics of a song via the spacebar, and it will return what it thinks is the song you tapped in.

I’ve tried it out with a few songs, so far, its 0 for 3, and it keeps giving me Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody for them, even though as far as i could tell, i wasnt tapping that, i know that song.

Anyway, its a weird concept, needs some work, but is a great game to test your taping ablilities and a computer’s ability to put that to a song from a database.

UMD, another failure


Another Sony proprietary media has deemed itself a failure. Variety is reporting that many studios cutting down on UMD releases in the future. Studios include Sony Pictures (??), Paramount and Warner. The studios are saying that the UMD is a failing because the amount of “piracy” happening.

anyone who thought UMD would be a success is just plain stupid.

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Amazon aPod?


Amazon, most famous for shipping books and CDs in the post, has started to look prehistoric as the iPod generation downloads music in seconds from Apple’s all-conquering online music store.

But the company is hatching a plan to topple Apple’s iTunes, with the launch of its own downloading service and, most intriguing of all, a possible rival to the iPod. Geeks are already calling it the “aPod”.

just what the world needs, another mp3 player, and download service, no doubt it will be incompatable with other services/devices namely the iPod, and iTunes Music Store.

When will the companies realize that it is futile to take on the awesome power that is Steve Jobs and the amazing combination of the iPod and iTunes Music Store?

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