Igloo Maker


This would have been amazing for our snow slide but, it’s kinda expensive, oh well, next year, besides, its more fun using trash cans.

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xbox 360 file system hacked


The XBox 360 filesystem has been cracked wide open and you can now move saved games to and from your 360 using a piece of software called xplorer360, a SATA cable, and/or a hacked USB cable. The program allows you to browse the entire 360 and even lets you drag files from your original XBox over to the 360, which, as we know, used to be impossible.

it was only a matter of time until that happened
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our new logo?


So, we’re working on a new logo for the right side of the top of our blog, currently, we have it down to 5 choices all below.Which ones are your favorite?


so, which one do you like best?

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google and vw


So now the two most recent companies to have seen the light as far as google is concerned are graphics chip maker Nvidia and German auto maker Volkwagen. The two are working together to create a new navigational system in a prototype VW vehicle that uses Google Earth (which is an amazing, amazing program. Get it here)

The two companies are working with the graphics chipmaker Nvidia Corp. to build an in-car navigation map system and a three-dimensional display so passengers can recognize where they are in relation to the surrounding topography.

This is pretty interesting news, although cars have had top down view only nav. systems, being able to actually see where you are in relation to a building in New York City or Boston (two notoriously hard cities to drive in) would be amazing! Plus its Google, and they are totally starting to take over the world by branching out like this.

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Intel 2


I only call this Intel 2 because Steve already made a post about Intel which he named Intel…or some such nonsense…and I hate him he beat me to this topic.
I wasn’t actually planning on posting this, mainly because I’m tired, but there’s more Intel news that greatly concerns Apple. While it’s great that the new Core Duo’s are 64-bit (thank God) I still pretty much thought this kind of chip would leave the succesor to the PowerMac G5 greatly underpowered. With that, I give you the quad-core Intel chip codenamed Clovertown.

According to this, it’s more powerful than the current Xeon chip, and uses less electricity. Good things, but the article hints at this only being for a server.

I really do hope that Apple has some plans for at least some variation of this chip for the new PowerMac, which I speculate will be out by November. Also, just because Steve Jobs can, and the increased net worth I’m sure he’s gained with the acquiring of Disney and Pixar, I hope to see two of these bad boys in the top end PowerMac. Along with slots for 32 gigs of ram…not that I’d ever….ever be able to use that much, I’m sure somebody at Industrial Light and Magic is drooling at that possibilty.

I look forward to next month to here more on this new project of Intel’s.




It seems that the Intel Core Duo processors that are all the rage these days may be a little more powerful than Intel would have you know. Thanks to a little detective work, it’s been discovered that the processors, deep down inside, are actually 64-bit compatible. Yes, that Core Duo you have right now is a 64-bit chip.

Wow, that’s interesting, especially on the apple side of things

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an analyst meeting slated for Friday, Intel will be demonstrating a completely functional quad-core processor. This chip, named the Cloverton, isn’t expected to be on the market until late 2006—if not 2007.

that coencides perfectly with when apple claims their entire line up of computers will be updated with the Intel chips, making the Power Mac G5’s one of the last to be updated.

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Gmail for your domain:


We’re testing a new service with the school by hosting Gmail accounts with SJCC domain addresses (like student@jaguars.sjcc.edu), plus admin tools for efficient account management. Massive storage and features that tame the most unruly inboxes, like powerful mail search, conversation view for messages, and a fast interface, make Gmail very handy for students.Interesting, I would love to have gmail be our mail server, it would be amazing!

Interesting, I would love to have gmail be our mail server, it would be amazing!

Interesting, I would love to have gmail be our mail server, it would be amazing!
about it on the Google blog here:




the real video ipod?


Think Secret seems to think that Apple is playing us all for fools. Less than 6 months after the introduction of the 5G iPod, they’re saying that Apple is planning on releasing a true video iPod on April 1.

link here

Many things make me concerned about this. Ok…well two but whatever. Or more, all depends on how my brain feels like working.

Apple is already facing a class action suit because people are pissed that the screens of their nanos are scratched…what will they ever do if something the size of a 5G iPod was just a screen? It’s something that would have to be fixed…and quickly.
I don’t think that Apple would do this…just my personal opinion. Steve seems to think that the patents recently taken out by Apple regarding touch screen technology has more to do with an Apple tablet, which would be ten times more interesting, especially with an Intel Duo.

And yes, Apple’s anniversary may be April 1st. But remember what April 1st is? Yeah. Remember what happened last year on April 1st? There was a big announcement all over google regarding the Apple nPod, a gaming device that looked almost exactly like the mockup of this.

laser printer


Yesterday we found a laser printer.  It was beautiful.  Extremely heavy, and at least 10 years old, it was nice.  We looked kind of skethy carrying it from the loading dock to our room, but hey, thats what we do best.

I’ll get some photos of us taking it appart later this afternoon.  And some photos of us having fun with the toner, oh man is that fun.

Then there’s the microwaving of the various parts, that was amazing too!


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