Revolution’s New Name is Here?


Revolution Report started with the April Fool’s jokes reallllllllly early. It’s 1:08 AM and they’re already saying definitively what the new name will be.

Revolution Report is saying that a press release direct from Nintendo of America unveils the name of the code-named “Revolution”

Apparently, it will now be called “Nintendo nplay” which bears a strinking resemblance to anything Apple has ever named with an n instead of an i and with all the comparisons between Apple and Nintendo…this wasn’t even hard to come up with.

The press release stated that the name “Nintendo nplay reflects the company’s strategy to bring all gamers and non-gamers back to the starting line.

Plus the link to the press release doesn’t even work.

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nice try revolution report

Halo 3

0 is reporting that a Microsoft source who doesn’t want Microsoft finding out he told anyone that Halo 3 will be out in March of 2007. Didn’t Microsoft say that they were releasing it the same day as the PS3? Maybe they figure it’ll never come out…

The quotey thingy isn’t working right….rather I can’t seem to cut and paste….even though I recently got paid for a week to do nothing but that….very strange.

Anyway, go here to read the full article…

Personally, I think that this is good. Halo 3 should come out before the movie. If it came out at the same time…I don’t think I could deal with all the Halo fans spouting their “Halo is the best game ever!!!!!!!”

I would kill people

Reuse those old laptop lcd


This is still far from finished, but it would be a way to breathe new life into those old lcds from old laptops.

Especially for making a projector!

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UMD’s Death


Walmart seems to be dumping the media entirely and shelf-space in other stores is getting considerably smaller. Then we discover that Universal and Paramount are stopping UMD production. Oh well.

Another Sony proprietary format bites the dust.

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Google Hosted


Last night we were approved for Google Hosted:

In other words, Google, and Gmail are powering our email system now, is that not AMAZING!

I’ll give a full review later once I’ve gotten a chance to play around with it.

Optimus Prime



I really hope that this is what the Transformers movie will look like (although, i think he needs to be a bit more red!)

Video of transforming 

Table of Nails


That is a cool table, but, not everything would fit in between the “nails”, and you would have to be careful how you put your cups and glasses down, so as not to have them tip over.
artichoke studio

Top iPod hacks


Wanna put linux onto your iPod (what self respecting geek would at least think about doing that at least)?

Wanna play Pac-Man on your iPod

How about turning your 4 gb nano, into a 7.2 gb nano?

these hacks range from the small, to the extrme, and, if i had the money, i would so totally do the nano one, and the psp one!

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Christmas comes late this year


Sony and Microsoft have agreed to have Christmas celebrated on March 25 this year, insteady of December 25, That means that Christmas ’06 would be celebrated on March 25, 2007.

the reasons, to have PS3 and Vista launch in time for the holidays of course!

Eugene Aoki from Sony said, “Do you want kids waking up Christmas morning without a PlayStation 3 under the tree? Think of the misery that would cause. A true Christian would think of the children,” said a Sony representative.

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