Ken Kutaragi has announced – at Sony’s “2006 PlayStation Business Briefing” – that the PS3 will be launching simultaneously in North America, Europe, and Asia come early November. Other tidbits, the PS3 will be 100% backwards compatible (legacy titles played will be displayed in HD resolutions), have full Blu-Ray support, and an HDMI connection.

ok, i can beleive that. Too bad Blu-Ray is already going to fail. A price is the next thing that’s important, as are some launch games. I wonder what this is going to do for Nintendo’s Revolution?
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Rare snow in South Korea


South Korea gets rare yellow snowfall

South Koreans have been treated to a rare weather phenomenon when yellow snow fell in the capital and elsewhere across the country.

But the snow – containing dust or sand from the desert regions of northern China, could pose a health hazard, the country’s meteorological office warns.

“It’s tough to say whether it’s yellow sand mixed in snow or if it’s snow mixed in yellow sand,” a meteorological official told Reuters.

Oh man, i hope someone somewhere has some photos of this!

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Queen photos


By far, the best part of the show was how they piped in Freddie Mercury’s voice for Bohemian Rhapsody, and as you can see, they showed video of him playing it.
Wow, that was a fun time. Those are only half of the photos from one camera. As soon as I get the other photos, I’ll inform you.


Gotta give credit, where credit is due, I thank Chris (eb) for the pictures

more photos here

Google Mars


Google launched a new service for their maps today: Google Mars

It offers infared views of a slect portion of the Red planet’s surfface.  Kinda cool, allows you to zoom in quite a bit, and, unlike the moon, Mars is not made of cheese.  However, if you zoom out all the way, you’ll notice that you’re really only looking at a tiny strip of Mars, probably one photograph just strung togther in a loop.  Oh well, its cool either way.



Tomorrow, photos and possibly some video of our trip to goo see Queen + Paul Rodgers on Friday.

Here’s the list of songs they played to keep you occupied though:

Intro – Beautiful Day
Reaching Out
Tie Your Mother Down
Fat Bottomed Girls
I Want To Break Free
Take Love
Crazy Little Thing
Love Of My Life
Hammer To Fall
Feel Like Makin’ Love
Drum solo
I’m In Love With My Car
Guitar Solo
Last Horizon
Bad Company
Another One Bites The Dust
Dragon Attack
Days Of Our Lives
Radio Ga Ga
Can’t Get Enough
Show Must Go On
Bohemian Rhapsody
We Will Rock You
All Right Now
We Are The Champions

queen offical site

Super Mario DS


New screen shots of the new Super Mario Bros game for DS.

Oh man I can’t wait for this game.

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CD Lamp


Got tons of CDs laying around the house? Why Not turn them into a lamp?

I gotta say, that is a nice alternative use for AOL cds and car scratched cds.

However, if you don’t have quite enough cds to create that lamp, why not try some alternative uses: Or donations.
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Slow posts


Sorry for the slow posts, it’s been a heatic week, after this weekend however, it should be back up to normal.

As for today, we’re going to see Queen, so, this will most likely be the only post today, unless the almighty admin decides to post something…..

Google office on the horizion?


Writely, a beta service featuring an online equilivant of Word was just acquired by Google.

About 7 months after Google acquired Keyhole, Google Earth was released to the world.

How long before Google Office is released to the world?

google blog

writely faq


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