Projector pt. II


So today we made huge progress on the projector.

We stripped the LCD, we made a frame for the box, and ultimately decided to build the box too.

stripping the lcd base with the light and bars

base with no light full enclosure
more photos here


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so disappointing…


Kensington has introduced a new flash drive…hardly news, although the 4 GB size is nice….

The 4GB flash drive encrypts all data with 128-bit AES, and then adds an extra layer of security: a self destruct feature. If anyone tries to use a brute-force attack to guess your password, the drive will automatically erase itself after 25 wrong guesses.

It’s too bad really. Let somebody like me near that. At the very least half of it would break off and then crumble into a teeny tiny little powder before bursting into flames just so it could singe the eyebrows of the would be hacker. Or spray indelible ink everywhere…I mean come on! Use your imagination!

ohhhhh if I could only work for a place like that….

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Projector: pt. I


Here is the first part of the projector project:

The Fans….

those are some massive fans, they take 24 volts though, we can figure out how to come up with that anyway.


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UPDATE: The Buzz! We won!


So, remember the contest for The Buzz from that wounderful site UNEASYsilence
Out entry

Well, we won. It was offical two weeks ago, but, i felt it was unnecessary to post until we got some pictures of the prize.

Our prize, a nice shiny new 5g 30 gb Black iPod Video!

It’s pretty sweet, i havent loaded it up with music yet, (i’m incredibly lazy right now) But, i really want to see it play some video. Any one got any easy ways to get Die Hard onto it?

bill gates is a [not cool person]


I guess owning the world’s largest software company and also owning the title “Richest Man in the World” doesn’t do much for your feelings towards others.

Recently, a new non profit organization called One Laptop Per Child (olpc) has risen in the hopes of making it easier to educate children of third world countries. These machines create an instant wireless network among all the others in the local area and the organization hopes to provide the “backbone of the internet” at a very low cost. And because of the fact that some of these small villages in the middle of nowhere have no access to electricity, there is the option of powering them by a handcrank.

The thing that really gets Bill though, is the screen size apparently…

“If you are going to go have people share the computer, get a broadband connection and have somebody there who can help support the user, geez, get a decent computer where you can actually read the text and you’re not sitting there cranking the thing while you’re trying to type,” Gates said. “The last thing you want to do for a shared use computer is have it be something without a disk[…]and with a tiny little screen.”

In defense of Bill, on one of the mockups on the official site, the screen looks to be little bigger than a childs hand, maybe 4 inches or so diagonal. But I’m pretty sure Gates and Co. just introduced that little handheld called the UMPC (another great Microsoft name…*cough*mediaplayer11*cough*) with a 7 inch diagonal screen. Let’s think about this. Which one will have a higher resolution? Which one will you really have to squint at without having to change the resolution?

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Classy, Bill. And seriously…”shared use?” He’s commenting on something he doesn’t even know about…everybody read it together now….one…..laptop…….per…….child.

thank you and goodnight
EDIT: He’s probably just pissed it’ll be running Linux

I don’t think we like Sony


It’s about time for a good old fashioned Sony bashing, mostly focusing on the new proprietary (read: horrible) format from Sony. I think it’s fair to say that The Admin, Steve and I all agree that Blu-Ray will fail. There’s a couple reasons for this, the price is the biggest worry of Blu-Ray. And not just the players, which are expected to cost no less than $1000.
The movies themselves are going to set people back quite a few dollars more than a DVD. The wholesale price of discs are $23.45, with new releases costing somewhere north of $30.

Seems a lot for a nation of people that complain about paying $10 to go see a new movie in the theatre. The best part of this though, is that the fate of the Blu-Ray format will greatly effect the PS3. This is purely speculation, but what happens to Sony’s new “entertainment device” or whatever they call it these days as opposed to a “gaming device.”

So let’s imagine Blu-Ray is a failure and HD DVD is cheaper and more readily available, which is certainly possible, with HD DVD players running as much as $500 cheaper. With the PS3 coming out in November it is highly possible that Sony will lose their big selling point of the PS3 having an affordable (ha!) Blu-Ray player. It won’t matter if no one likes the format. With the DVD Forum fully backing HD DVD and leaving Sony to deal with Blu-Ray, it’s amazing to me that people are actually still interested in this. And honestly, even Sony is making HD DVD players. Mixed messages anyone?

And finally, Sony is losing money all over the place. They only have one appeal left until they’ll have to pay $90 million in fines and remove the Dual Shock from the shelves forcing them to develop their own “Rumple Pak” technology…

Fake UFOs


Want to learn how to make your own fake UFO shot?

Want to know everything needed to create a convincing UFO?

Here’s a nice writeup on how to do all the steps. Very nice work, I may actually look into this.

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Frogger, in real life


Take a Roomba, hack it to become controlled viz blue tooth, and then dress it up like a frog.

What do you have?

A real life Frogger.  Kinda Cool, too bad it didn’t work from a balcony, and they had to go to street level.  40 lines though, not bad.
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