Grass Armchair


Oh man, this is something different, how would you like to sit down on your lawn in one of these?

I know its on my list of things to get!

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the end of the world?


Bible Code says many different things regarding the end of the world. However, the general consensus is that it will happen before the year 2012.

Now, there has been next to nothing to back that up, scattered code that no one could agree on, and most thought was fake.

However, recently, I discovered something interesting that could prove the Bible Code true.

A common domain that everyone knows is set to expire in late 2011. What domain is this, well, the most inportant one of course: Google.

(click image to make it larger)

You can check this info for yourself by going to dnsstuff and do a WHOIS lookup on

What does this mean?

Info on Bible Code:

  • said to date to 12th century
  • 3,200 year history of The Bible, little change in text
  • advent of the computer made finding the hidden codes much easier

Bible Code Digest

Google is not the only high ranking internet search engine to be in on it. Yahoo and Ask Jeeves are too.

Yahoo expires in early 2012
Ask expires in late 2010

Each got their information alittle wrong.

April 05: the end of the world?


This was pointed out to me at lunch today by my friend dan:

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 will be the end of the world.

At 2 minutes and 3 seconds past the 1st hour of the 5th day of the 4th month of the 6th year the world will end.

Or, in terms like this:


turn that around, and you have a countdown,…what happens when it gets to 00? That’s easy, the world ends, duh!

LED mods!


Ah the wonders that are DIY!

There have been a few LED inspired mods in the past few days, here are the ones I’ve seen:

LED Table:

448 multicolored LEDS divided into nodes, that are responsive to what’s placed on top of them.

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LED shirt:

comes in pink! what more could i ask for?

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buy one

LED lamp:

23 different brightness levels, controlled by a touchpad, $3,857.46

my verdict, if i had the money, time, and knowledge, i would so make one.
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LED rims:

oh man those rims are so awesome, cool, sweet.

my verdict, more useless things to try and make your 10 year old geo prizm look nice.

and at 12 grand, i think i can make 4 amazing lamps.

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Water Cooled 360


This is some serius DIY stuff, a water cooled Xbox 360. I must say, i am impressed by all this, however, besides the noise level of the fans that are currently in the 360, I don’t see the point in doing this. Unless of course he plan on overclocking it or something. Maybe he’ll try to run windows, or osx, or linux or something on it, he has the hard dive, he could try.

detailed instructions

This is gonna kill Steve


AppleInsider is reporting that a new 17 inch MacBook Pro will be introduced in June at the World Wide Developer’s Conference, which is normally held in June. The “flagship” notebook from Apple should boast at least a 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo and, of course, a huge monstrosity of a widescreen.

The bad news?

Despite optimism from some of Apple’s current 12-inch PowerBook customers, a 12-inch MacBook Pro model has yet to surface on Apple’s product roadmap, reliable sources have told AppleInsider.

This really makes me sad too actually…I’ll be in the market for an actual portable laptop in the summer and would have loved a 12 inch MacBook Pro. Because let’s face it…who wants a MacBook(or new Intel iBook)? And because this….is way too big.

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by the way…this is old…so don’t yell at me if you already know this

New Google Talk


This new Google Talk allows you to put pictures for yourself, and allows you to change the background in the chat window. There are 5 different choices, each with or without the picture being shown except one which can only be used with the picture.

download it here

^thats a dirrect download link, but its straigt from google, so dont worry

could this be gmail’s birthday gift?

Google Romance


This is a good one:

Have all your romance problems sloved with the help of Google and some contextual ads!
This is much better then last year’s joke i think, more funny, just look at the login section!

If you click on upload, you are redirrected to a great 404 page!

However, they spoil it by saying that it’s an April Fool’s joke, oh well.


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