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Marble Machine

The guy over at Sentex has made the most amazingly awesome marble machine, completly on his own!

He experimented with lots of different ways to use the gears and such.  In the end, it looks awesome, could use a coat or two of polyurethane if it were me, but otherwise its awesome.  Video and another photo after the click:

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World 1.1 Done Line Rider style

The famous Line Rider flash game gets played in a Super Mario World 1.1 setting, even has the music to watch.  Nicely done.


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Window washers

I question the validity of this clip, but it’s still a something humorous to watch for a few minutes.  I love the turrets Tuesdays, sounds like a great money maker…

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This guy combines two of the coolest things to watch, trick billiards, and domino setups being knocked down.  Even though it’s in another language, it doesn’t matter because you don’t need to understand it to realize that that is amazing.

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PSP Dual Shock Mod

I don’t have a PSP, and i’ve only used one once for 5 minutes, so i really can’t say much for how well the controls work, but this looks like an awesome modding job if i do say so myself.

F00 f00 over at hacked his PSP to connect a Dual shock controller from a PS2 up to it.  And, he says that SNES controllers are in the works.  Very nice.  Video of it in action after the click:

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Flying Squrriles

Holy crap this is so great. I want to make this on my deck right now! (Too bad its snowing out…)

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LED hourglass

This is pretty cool, i hope the makers of this post some how-to instructions so that i can make my own.  Only, i’ll be using blue LEDs, cause blue is better…