The Mets are in the World Series.  Would you look at that?  It’s been 15 years since they last made it in, that was a Subway-Series though, interesting, but one-sided.  This year’s series will be alittle different, still don’t know who the AL team is going to be, but The Mets don’t really care right … Continued

Person Of Interest is Late


I know I said a few weeks ago that Season 4 of Person of Interest was available on Netflix.  Well, I committed a rookie journalistic mistake, and didn’t actually verify that before posting.  It turns out, Season 4 is stuck somewhere in entertainment limbo.  CBS decided to wait until January to start Season 5, but … Continued

US Air Force


Today, September 18, marks the 68th anniversary of the United States Air Force, (USAF).  I know what some of you are thinking.  Only 68 years, that’s around the end of World War II.  Well, you’re right, it’s 1947 to be exact.  During World War II, it was a part of the US Army Air Forces, … Continued

Crazy Wooden Bench


According to reddit, this bench was submitted to the Design Museum of London’s Design of the Year Awards.  It was a finalist in the Product category.  Check out the designer’s website, raw-edges, to see some more photos of it, and how they made it. I like wood-working, but I could never make something that looks … Continued

Yosemite From the Past


What a difference 80 years makes.  The average person won’t notice the old names for the trails and locations, but just about everyone should see the “Bear Feeding Platforms”, and realize that they are not that great of an idea anymore.  Also noticeable is the Big Oak Flat Road.  Go down on Odd Hours, Up … Continued

Site/Server Update


Good afternoon, in keeping with the latest revelation about this great site, I’d like to take some time to go over the some of the recent milestones this site has hit. This year marks the 10th year of publication for this wonderful blog.  It’s been quite a ride, we’ve had some pretty popular posts over … Continued

A Change of Direction


The Deadly Computer Blog is about to change directions.  This will turn into a serious blog, no more nonsense such as Alternate Histories.  No more World War 2 worship.  No more funny business. Instead, I will focus on long term, quality posts that will gain these valuable readers attention.  It’s ironic then that this post … Continued

Ebay and the feedback tango


I like most people use eBay from time to time when I’m searching for something bizarre or something I just want for dirt cheap, and of course I almost always find it on eBay! Which obviously is a good thing.  When I buy something on eBay I immediately pay for the item! I know it’s a … Continued

Robot Spys Disguised as Maple Seeds


That looks like a maple seed, well, the top is, the bottom is a super high-tech spy gadget right out of Q’s Lab, except totally real, and developed by one of my favorite companies of all time, Lockheed Martin {wiki} makers of only the best defense technology for the US DoD. This little seed is … Continued