Debate 0.5

There’s a Vice Presidential debate on tonight.  I doubt it will be as interesting to watch as the Presidential ones.  You should watch it though, these are your second in command people.

NY Auto Show

Did you know that yesterday was the NY International Auto Show?  I did.  That’s where I was.  I have no pictures to prove it though unfortunately,but that’s none of your business.  Here’s a photo of a cool car though.  Ok I lied.

Pearl Harbor

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Another year has gone by, another few gallons of oil have seeped out of The Arizona, but still, time marches on, and still we remember.  The people effected might no longer be with us, but the memories of them, are still.  And the actions, both directly, and indirectly, changed the course of history.  All of us alive now owe it to the Japs for making that poor decision 74 years ago.  Remember that.

But also, remember the thousands of soldiers killed in the attack that changed the world.


The Mets are in the World Series.  Would you look at that?  It’s been 15 years since they last made it in, that was a Subway-Series though, interesting, but one-sided.  This year’s series will be alittle different, still don’t know who the AL team is going to be, but The Mets don’t really care right now I bet.

Anyway, that’s the token post-season sports story for you now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Person Of Interest is Late

I know I said a few weeks ago that Season 4 of Person of Interest was available on Netflix.  Well, I committed a rookie journalistic mistake, and didn’t actually verify that before posting.  It turns out, Season 4 is stuck somewhere in entertainment limbo.  CBS decided to wait until January to start Season 5, but the September 22nd date was given months before that decision was made.  Naturally, CBS is trying to get the most bang for their buck by having Season 4 be available at a close time to Season 5’s debut, so they’re stalling.

That is unfortunate, I apologize for getting anyone’s hopes up, but fear not, time is flying and before you know it, Season 5 will be here, and you’ll be able to watch everything in a weekend.  It’s that good.

Now, instead of my usual two Person of Interest videos, here’s a new montage I found:

US Air Force

US AF Seal

Today, September 18, marks the 68th anniversary of the United States Air Force, (USAF).  I know what some of you are thinking.  Only 68 years, that’s around the end of World War II.  Well, you’re right, it’s 1947 to be exact.  During World War II, it was a part of the US Army Air Forces, before it was spun off into it’s own entity.   Over the course of it’s 68 year existence, the USAF has grown to be the largest, most powerful Air Force the world has ever seen.  Over the decades, the USAF has led the way in leaps and bounds in terms of technological achievements, flying the most advanced fighter and reconnaissance air craft the world has seen.

The Air Force isn’t limited to just air craft.  The USAF is also in control of the nations 450 ICBMs, as well as a a couple dozen satellites of military nature.  Of course, they still have over 5,000 aircraft of various different roles.  From the lowly transports and tankers, to the state of the art Fighters, and, some of the coolest planes human kind has yet to produce.



Crazy Wooden Bench

Raw Edge Bench

According to reddit, this bench was submitted to the Design Museum of London’s Design of the Year Awards.  It was a finalist in the Product category.  Check out the designer’s website, raw-edges, to see some more photos of it, and how they made it.

I like wood-working, but I could never make something that looks like this.  It’s just too much work, and to be honest, I don’t really like the design that much.  I much rather like clean, natural logs.  But to each their own.

Yosemite From the Past

Yosemite Park Map

What a difference 80 years makes.  The average person won’t notice the old names for the trails and locations, but just about everyone should see the “Bear Feeding Platforms”, and realize that they are not that great of an idea anymore.  Also noticeable is the Big Oak Flat Road.  Go down on Odd Hours, Up on Even.  I can only guess how well that would work in modern times.

Naturally, the layout of the valley hasn’t changed that much, even the roads are more or less the same.  There’s no hotel at Glacier Point anymore, which is unfortunate because it’s such a pain to get up there, but that’s what camping is for.


Site/Server Update

Good afternoon, in keeping with the latest revelation about this great site, I’d like to take some time to go over the some of the recent milestones this site has hit.

This year marks the 10th year of publication for this wonderful blog.  It’s been quite a ride, we’ve had some pretty popular posts over the years, some of random internet stumbles, while others of our own advertising.  In that time we’ve slowly gone down in post per year, and in turn average posts per month.  However, I am happy to say that I have so far been successfully turning that trend around.  Just last month we had a technically marvelous month, that’s at least one post every weekday.  That’s not bad.  Last year we had a few truly marvelous months, or one post, every day.  Over the last year we’ve had many wounderfull weeks, and technically wounderfull weeks, which you can guess means a post every day of the week.

I don’t want to give anything away, but in the coming weeks and months, you can look forward to some pleasant surprises as I try my best to break records, and, continue this train forward.