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Computer Control Panel

Control Pannel

Have you ever wanted a borderline useless master control panel for your computer?  You know, something that looks like the controls from Star Trek, or Star Wars.  Well, reddit user smashcuts has built his own.  Why, because he wanted to, that’s why.

Daylight Controls

If you ever wanted to hang something very heavy that served almost no practical purpose above your desk, this control panel is for you.  He used an electrical junction box as the container, and filled it with wires (duh, it’s electrical), and wood, and LEDs, and USB controllers and a fan or two.

mess of wires

Have you ever wondered where all the wires come from on Sci-Fi shows and movies when control panels inexplicably explode?  Well, now you can rest assured and know that not only is the mess of wires realistic, but the possibility of the panel exploding is all too possible.

control buttons

All the buttons he has, which number over 100, do something on his computer.  These control iTunes, the volume, and starting specific playlists.  Among some of the other buttons he has are links to YouTube videos, shortcuts to open most used programs, shortcuts to paste in canned text into IM windows, and random fun buttons because he had the space.

He has posted tons of photos of the build process on this imgur album, you should check it out.



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Tetris Lights

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted something regarding Tetris.  That ends right now.  Online shopping website, vat19 has an officially licensed Tetris light set for $40.  You can skip the first 30 seconds or so of the below video, it’s not necessary.  What is cool though is the way it works.  The power of low-voltage electricity allows the metal edges to conduct the power so that you can endlessly re-arrange the pieces in countless different ways.  No word though on if all the lights turn off if you create a perfect rectangle. {imgur}

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Imgur user baconeverywhere2 has created a LEGO Lamp.  It’s more of a LEGO Obelisk with some LED strips inside it than what you would consider a traditional lamp.  It measures just over a yard tall (37.5 inches to be exact), and uses a mind-boggleing 25,000 bricks.  That’s too many.

LEGO lamp 1

It looks cool, and all the harsh light from the LED strips is filtered by the holes, but I bet this thing is a bitch to clean.  Dust doesn’t like to remove itself from LEGOs, and all the open spaces are dust magnets here.

LEGO Lamp 2

The curves look nice though, and it sort of looks like a mini LEGO skyscraper.  I bet that’s what the builder was trying to go for.  He claims that it would only cost about $300 to build, I’m sure that’s true but I bet that LEGO doesn’t like when people by 25,000 of the same 3 bricks.  I’m sure it messes with their production and supplies.

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The Paper Falcon

Modler Bernard Szukiel has spent 4 painstaking years building this 38″ long model of the YT-1300 light freighter, more commonly known as The Millennium Falcon.

Millenium Falcon Paper

This incredibly detailed model is completely made of paper.  Tiny pieces of paper painstakingly cut, painted, and glued together to form this magnificent ship.  He didn’t just stick to the outside either.  Parts of the interior are constructed as well, including the cockpit:

MF Cockpt

MF Rear


Did I tell you that this model is made of 99% paper.  Yea, well, the other 1% is made up of fiber optics and LEDs to light up key parts of the model.

Here’s the cockpit, it’s kinda blurry, but you can forgive him that.  But yes, all those lights you see are inserted into place by him, it’s not done in post, it’s part of the model.

Cockpit lit up

I know spending 4 years on a single model is probably too much, but I wish/hope that the new Star Wars uses some practical modeling in the film.  A computer just can’t quite replicate how an actual model would get destroyed.  I mean, come on, imagine how awesome this would look if it were in a fight and burst into flames?  It’d be terrible for sure, 4 years of hard work down in flames, but it would be spectacular, that I’m sure of.


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LED Perspective


That’s a pretty cool lamp there.  Would it surprise you to know that it’s only 5mm thick?  That’s the wounder of perspective magic, this time using LEDs, instead of paper, and with clear acrylic, just like that Awesome Door.

Here’s the Kickstarter, which has already achieved it’s $20,000 goal and then some.

This one is harder to see the 3-D effect, but it’s still pretty neat:

3D Mountain

{My Modern Met}

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Here come some Stumbles*

It’s that time of year again.  The traditional dump of all things inappropriate for the internet. So join me after the jump for the best of the best, worst of the worst.

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LED Log Things



This is a pretty ingenious way to use unusable pieces of wood.  Be it splits, or cracks, or just mishappen pieces that you can’t mill.  Instead of burning them (which is what I would do), Italian designer Marco Stefanelli decided to fill the voids with resin that has LEDs encased in them.  I gotta say, that’s nice.  Especially the soft white color, instead of the cool-blue white of normal white LEDs.

I have a few pieces of wood that I was drying that cracked pretty bad.  I think I’m going to try this on them.

wood lamp 2

{This is Collossal}

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DDR Tetris

It’s been awhile since I posted about Tetris, granted, not much can change in a 26 year old game.  There’s only so many times you can see it on the side of a building before it gets repettitive.  This however is a new way to play Tetirs.

What’s more, the people who made it, some smart people at MIT, made 2 of them, and made them multiplayer.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that there is almost no way to make versus Tetris enjoyable, either to play or to watch.  And, I won’t say that this was fun to watch, because the guy on the right was absolutely horrible at it.  I don’t know if I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and saying he lost on purpose to the girl, (which is acceptable), but the way he played is just not acceptable.  You can let some one win, and you can just utterly suck at something, I’m afraid that that guy falls into the latter.


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Insane RGB LED Ball II

That really is some insane piece of work.  I read the forum post, and looked at the pictures, and even then I can only sorta kinda understand all the stuff that went into making that thing.  I want to make one, but I don’t think that I have the technical knowledge to make it work as well as that video, cause let’s be honest, that video is pretty ace.

Ok, well, maybe the whole assembly doesn’t look that ace, but the video of it in the dark on the other hand, that’s pure gold right there.

Just look at the detail in that frame, which is made of LED leadoffs, soldered together.  I am no where near skilled enough to do that.  But I’d try.

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DIY LED flashlight overkill

I like LEDs, I think they are pretty ace, and I use them often.  I’ve made and modified my fair share of flashlights, but this one takes the cake for crazy.

500 superbright white LEDs, 50 watts of power used, blinding light, and something that probably weighs a good 20lbs makes this a monster.

Look at all those LEDs, I understand that they were sanded down a bit so they fit nicely, but still, that’s just crazy, look at the back, and all that soldering, and wiring.

I had a hard enough time soldering my table, and that was 6 different panels all spread outwith lots of room to mess up, this is all crammed together just begging to make a short.

And in case you were concerned that it was all for nothing, it really does create alot of light.  I wish there was a lumen value on it though.  Because it would almost certaintly be easier to use one of these which are also 50 watts, and 4000 lumens.  I’m almost certain that that value is larger then the flashlight they made.  But then again where’s the fun of soldering together 500 LEDs?

{MAKE | hacknmod}