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Is that enough acronyms in the title?  No, I think I can get a few more, don’t you?  I find the rotating LED signs interesting, though useless.  I can’t think of a reason to make one, and as such, I don’t really want to spend too much of my already valuable time making one.  I know I would have a difficult time figuring out how to get power to the LEDs, let alone a program to control them all.  No, I will stick with old fashioned wood working thank you very much.

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Light Up Heart

LED Heart

Remember this ?  Holy crap, that was 9 years ago?  Dang, time just seems to fly by.  Sadly, that heart is sitting on my shelf, not the desk of the person it was originally for, but in honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s the steps to make your own.

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Glow in the Dark Skiing

Ok, not glow in the dark in the traditional sense, Greed LED strips attached to the skis and poles of a professional skier.  Some drone footage of him carving up the mountain side make for a pretty cool video.  Being the actual skier though, that looks super dangerous, even with the guiding lights along some of the paths.  Skiing through trees in the dark, no thank you.

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Anew Furniture

This KickStarter is fully funded and helps out a good cause.  Anew Nature helps to employ “at risk” men, making and selling furniture.  They started a Kickstarter to enable them to hire some of these men to produce the furniture that they are going to sell.

What caught my attention was the use of the Interactive LED panels.  The furniture they make has an interesting assortment of natural and modern.  It’s strange, but everything looks nice, I’d buy some if I wasn’t into building it all myself.

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New Moon

The above video shows a really neat interactive art installation made of welded steel, light bulbs, and LEDs.  The purpose is to allow people to see all the phases of the moon at once.  Turning the knob below the moon turns a mirror inside the light bulb moon which in turn changes the shadow effect that the viewer sees.  This allows the viewer to see all the different phases of the real moon just a few feet above their heads.  That’s pretty neat!

This isn’t the first illuminated art instillation by Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett.  The astronomer and space guy in me though thinks this is the first one that I’d go out of my way to visit though.  I wouldn’t do an interview, I’m not that type of person, you know that.

Today is the new moon, which mean’s that it will be totally dark outside tonight, it doesn’t look like the LED inside the sphere can make the art fully dark.  Instead, it just gives it a shadow which is actually closer to what actually happens on the real moon anyway.  I think they should have welded some signs on the posts holding up the moon to give some extra information along those lines.

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Gear Like Modular Lighting

LED gear lights

I think they look like bicycle gears anyway.  Andrijan Mueller of Switzerland, who made this says they’re hexagons.  They look like that.  As you’ll see below, each arm of the hexagon/gear is one part of the lamp and can be mounted however he sees fit. This makes the whole thing modular, I like it.

The big 35mm LEDs are diffused in this white acrylic dome.  I like that it softens the usually harsh glow of the LEDs and makes it much more smooth.  the LEDs are color changing, or there are multiple ones in there.  I wish people would use more warm-white LEDs, they look much nicer and have a more natural color to them.

LED globe

That’s actual metal on the top, I think that might be my favorite part.  It’s not cheap wood that’s been painted silver, it’s water cut aluminum.

water cut aluminum parts

He elected to keep the wires exposed, at first I didn’t really like it, but I think it works.  The only part I don’t like are the gears to the upper left where the wires crisscross.  If it weren’t for those, I think it would look more natural.  Also, he’s gotta get this plugged into an outlet behind one of the gears, that wire dangling to the stairs is ugly.

testing with the aluminum

He goes into much more detail on his Imgur album, you should read though it, you’ll enjoy it, I guarantee.


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LED Log Lamp

Finished Lamp

Yes, a 3rd lamp post this month.  Sue me.  Instructable user Trask River Productions has put together a very comprehensive 34 step instructable on how to make this really good looking Log lamp shown above.  Honestly, it looks very well made, which makes sense considering the person/company.  I’m impressed with cutting out all the wood from the base to get the the electronics to fit.  I would have expected it to be in an attachment to the base.  I bet they could (and hopefully do), sell these for $100, there’s quite alot of work that’s gone into them.

They used a regular log and cut it into sections:

cutting the wood

After the pieces are cut, holes are drilled in each one to run the tube:

holed wood

I was going to show more photos, but why bother when you’re better off reading the Instructable yourself.  This way you get all the correct information straight from the source.  If I had a place for something like this, I’d make it, but I have no room anywhere, so it’s not worth it, not yet anyway.  The one change I would make is instead of a regular light bulb on the top, I’d continue the LEDs up there.  Make the whole thing LEDs, it’s better.  They have warm white LEDs too, so it’s all good.

{Instructables|Trask River Productions}

awesome DIY electronic news led video

90,000 Lumen LED Flashlight

There’s LED flashlights, and then there are LED Flashlights.  This is the latter.  This is a custom built 90,000 lumen flashlight that is bright enough to light up a mountain side.  Daniel Riley has constructed this beast by strapping together 10 (ten) 100W LEDs each with their own driver and heat sink.  He then used two rechargeable batteries to power it.  It can only give off about 10 minutes of light, but that’s more then enough because if you’re looking for someone, they will be blinded for enough time for you to stumble your way to them.

It could probably even stop Big Foot, at least for a few seconds anyway.  Enough for you to stumble your way in the other direction.  I do really love the comparisons he made in the video.  Too often people just post the final product, but without a side by side (or in this case, sequential) usage, it’s impossible to tell just how brighter each one is.

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Paintable LED Wall

2,800 LEDs, individually accessible, RGB LEDs to be exact.  This wall allows users to use special paint brushes to paint each individual LED pixel.  It’s alittle crazy though, especially looking at the back of it.

The wall is made up of individual RGB tea lights that can be programmed different colors based on the feedback from an IR sensor.  Jared Ficklin thought it would be cool to turn take those IR sensors, and embed them into paint brushes so that users would have get to apply the colors directly to the wall.  I think it’s a neat idea, but you really need to step back to fully appreciate the low resolution display.

Here’s the back of the wall:

back of the LED wall


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Lighted Half-Dome

In order to raise awareness of themselves, and all the work they do, the American Safe Climbing Association, ASCA, climbed Yosemite’s Half-Dome at night and installed 39 solar-powered LED lanterns to trace their way up.  This was done to make the group known, and to let people know of their work, which mainly consists of replacing bolts on popular climbs.  They’ve replaced over 14,000 bolts over the last 18 years, that’s alot.  The awareness stunt worked, because I have A. never heard of them, B. never knew this was that big of a deal.  But, I’m not a mountain climber, so it’s not surprising to me.

Now, before you get all excited, these lights were only temporary.  The group removed them as they climbed back down.  On the reddit thread about it there’s a long discussion about that aspect.  I tend to agree with the unpopular post, I think this sets a dangerous precedence for future publicity stunts on our Nation’s National Parks.  Hopefully clear heads will prevail and Exxon-Mobile won’t be able to buy advertising space on the sides of mountains, not until they buy them outright that is.