Stumbles 20


No one cares about 19.  It’s such a silly number.  Even if it is prime, it’s silly.  Anyway, off for the 20th installment of the Stumbles series.  Got some good memes here, some good games, and some holiday cheer.  So be a good faith, and click the link below for some laughing good times.

Periodic Table of Characters


That’s a pretty decent periodic table I think.  However, all it really is is a list of famous video game and cartoon characters that have the initials of the elements on the actual periodic table.  Nothing like as in dept as the Periodic Table of Awseoments, which you could use like a real periodic table.  … Continued

Oh Sony…


Maybe you can’t see it, but that single replacement screw costs 61 Euro, which is about $82.  So, think Sony’s trying to make some money on something? read more

Sony to Bundle Wii System with PS3


Tokyo – President of Sony North America Frank Newmark announced today that Sony would begin bundling a Nintendo Wii console with every PlayStation 3 system sold. Newmark hopes the new strategy will boost disappointing sales of the company’s gaming system by pairing it with the hot-selling Wii.  Newmark said, “By focusing on giving the customer … Continued

PSP Dual Shock Mod


I don’t have a PSP, and i’ve only used one once for 5 minutes, so i really can’t say much for how well the controls work, but this looks like an awesome modding job if i do say so myself. F00 f00 over at hacked his PSP to connect a Dual shock controller from … Continued

The PS3 song


This is an excellent little fan made video depicting the many failures of the PS3.  Very well done, very entertaining, very true.

PS3 demo is really a 360


So, its a card board PS3 on display.  That’s acceptable, given that a PS3 costs alot of money, and store owners don’t want it to get stolen.  But the amazingness comes from what the card board is mounted on… Yes, that is an Xbox 360 they are using to mount the card board…very sad… read … Continued

3 Million Wiis


In an effort to prove Steve wrong/start contributing to the blog again I bring to you this: According to Nintendo’s little white (or black with gold Triforce) console has been sold over 3 million times. In a little over a month Nintendo has managed to sell about 41% of what the XBox 360 has … Continued

The current Console war


Ok, if you want a truely indepth review of the current console war (which is only a few months old), then here are 8 pages worth.  This guy has a very nice, and through writeup of the past wars from PONG to Wii.  He’s gone over each generation’s winners and loosers, and he picks the … Continued

PS3 adventure


So, this is our Best Buy/Target get a PS3 adventure. For all those out there that were a little scared, its ok, we made it, and we are still alive. I wont put any spoilers in here, so if you want to know if we got one, you’ll have to just read the whole thing, … Continued