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IRL Mario Kart

This week is a plethora of re-creating childhood memories in real life.  Next up is the classic game of Mario Kart.  Go Karting is nothing new, power ups are sorely lacking from the experience however.  Four students of Colorado State University’s mechatronics class, Alex Zenk, Katie Johnson, Floyd Bundrant, and Jacob Gover decided to make a working version of it for their class.  It came out pretty darn good if you ask me.  My only gripe is that they’re not fast enough.  Not nearly fast enough.  That’s something that can easily be fixed though, just give it more power.


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Pokemon Go

Yea, fine, shut up I’m alittle late on this post, but I was in Alaska, and I love Mr. Bean so you’re getting this post now.  Deal with it.  That being said, I’ve been playing Pokemon Go (as has the rest of the world my age), and it’s really fun, hopefully they make it easier to catch more species of guys though.  I’ve seen everyone.  Or maybe I’m just an adult that doesn’t have time to explore everyplace around me and drop real money to catch fake monsters.


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Halo Strings

Besides pianos, I love strings.  Love, love, love, strings.  This video combines both (because the Halo Theme includes both).  But the real awesomeness is just watching the production value of the video.

Watch the Zelda one next, again there’s the production values that make the whole video worth it.  I like the combination of different Zelda themes from different games, and different parts of the games.  She also looks like she’s having dons of fun in these videos, so that ads it’s own glow to the thing.

Mission Impossible is another good one.  Hell, all of her videos are good fun, you should watch them, then buy them, then go see her on tour somewhere.

Lindsey Stirling everybody.  Also, here original songs are pretty damn good too by the way.  The videos are also really fun to watch and listen to.  Damn, I kind of wish I knew how to play violin.

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Wooden Pokeball

wooden pokeball

reddit user iamhippie carved a Pokeball ring box out of some wood.  It’s a great way to propose, which, I think they did.  I suppose it worked, but hey, not everyone can be the very best.

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People like make things Burn

Why anyone would design this type of level is beyond me.  But, according to Destructoid, it took 46 hours to beat it.  I’m not sure if that’s from the creator, or just some random twitch streamer.  Either way, that’s too long, stop being crazy.

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The Pokemon Card Card

Pokemon Card

As you may have heard, Pokemon turned 20 years old this past month.  That’s right, can you believe it, 20 years and we still haven’t caught ’em all.  That’s gotta be a record.

Well, Englishman Quentin Devine has made a mosaic of the iconic Pikachu out of 12,987 individual Pokemon Trading Card Game cards.

pokemon edge

As you can see, there are individual cards making up the whole thing.  What I find coolest about this is that it’s not just a mosaic of all the different Pokemon making something, it’s the physical.  I find that to be the best.  Physical is so much better then virtual, or computerized.

I’ve made mosaics before, but I tend to use hundreds, or thousands of photos from my trips, or stills from movies to make them.  They come out good sometimes, but I never do much else with them unfortunately.


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Charmander FTW

You know when I was a younger man I thought FTW was just another version of WTF.  I think it works better that way in some situations, but that’s me, I’m weird.  Any Hootie and the Blowfish, a student at the University of Leicester, Thomas Codd, decided to use real, actual science to measure the power of the 3 Original Pokemon starters.  His choice – Charmander, by a landslide.


And not just because Charmander evolve into the coolest of all the starters across all the generations – Charizard, no, according to his research, (which is cited!), Charizard’s titular move, Flamethrower, puts out 7 billion (with a B) kilojoules of energy.  To put that into terms us normal people understand, that is enough to power a 60 watt light bulb for over 3,000 years!

Blastoise comes in 2nd at a devistating 386 kilojoules, and Venusaur is last at 194 kilojoules, but really, those two are minuscule.  And now you have the scientific answer as to why you choose Charmander from Professor Oak all those years ago…


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Smash Bros. On a Calculator

Smash Bros calculator

Alright, Alright, I’m aittle late to the party here, but better late then never I say.  Omnimaga user Hayleia has put together a port of Super Smash Bros. onto the Ti-83/84 graphing calculators.  You know, those big bulky things that for some reason are still required for high school calculus even though everyone’s phone has more computing power then that?  Anyway, it’s pretty ace if you ask me.  Too bad I don’t have a use for those calculators anymore…

{Engadget|Tiny Cartridge}

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Star Kart

Yes, it’s one of those strange matches that you never would have guessed would be perfect but it is.  YouTube group Dark Pixel has spent a year making a mash up of Star Wars and Mario Kart. No, this isn’t a real life game, but with the power of the community, I’m sure a hacked together version is not far behind.  Hopefully Disney will get in contact with Nintendo for something similar to this.  After all, licensed tie-ins have proved a cash cow in recent years, and Star Wars is the original toy license king.


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Windows 95 on Nintendo DS

For some reason, GBA Temp user shutterbug2000 decided to try and get Windows 95 up and running on a Nintendo DS.  He succeed.  But I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of it is.

Windows 95 on a DS

It doesn’t really do much yet, and the whole setup seems awkward.  There’s no real way to control the thing yet from what I gathered.  But hey, they tried, and succeeded, so good on them.  Maybe in a few months they will be able to play Minesweeper on that thing.  That’ll be cool.