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Weather Control Device?

An engineer at Research Support Instruments is working with the U.S. Air Force to develop a project called the Microwave Ionosphere Reconfiguration Ground based Emitter, codenamed Mirage. Now this isn’t creating tornadoes or wind storms to wreak havoc, it is modifying the ionosphere to disrupt enemy communications and to help ours.

The Mirage project would station a microwave transmitter on the ground then launch a small rocket into the atmosphere that would release plasma throughout the ionosphere.

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pretent the last sentence of the first paragraph isn’t there, and just read that again.

The only words that stood out to me were: U.S. Air Force, Microwave, Emitter, Plasma, & ionosphere. Now, i know, i left out almost everthing, but, think of the other things here.

Weather control device?  Plasma?  Microwave? Come on, this has conspiracy written all over it!

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This is the result of an ongoing effort to create “BUZZ” about UNEASYsilence.

Connected to the post here. After some time, we found a “useful” use for the 200 feet or so of cable we found the other day. We spelled out on the bridge for all the school to see. Hopefully this will create som “BUZZ”

In case you forgot the site: UNEASYsilence



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So i’ve been working on making a new set up for the microwave site.

this is what it looks like now: current

this is what i’m thinking of changing it to: new

currently the bottom bar of links is the one i’m going to choose.

tell me what you think.