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DIY ~20U server rack

So, this is something mike has been looking to make for the past few days, ever since he got his new computer case for his awesome new computer. He originally wanted to buy a server rack, so he can mount his case in it, and mount the NAS he has with it, but those cost lots of lots of money. So, our solution, after thinking up at night, was to make one ourselves. I suggested iron gas piping, and mike suggested angle iron. Mike won because in the end, it would be easier to build with angle iron.

Either way, we managed to make a nice server rack for under $150 (although, that is partly the fault of the stupid workers at home depot, who didn’t scan in three of the $15 one inch pieces, but, we’re not complaining!)
full instructions, with pictures! after the click:

—EDIT: we’re bad at math, this is really a 20U rack, not a 32U one, fixed it!—
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the greatest… dictators

In honor of Fidel Castro, this week’s greatest list will be the greatest dictators of all time. Sure dictators are usually considered evil people who are hated by millions of other people,and sure this list is full of some damn scary evil people, but you have to give them credit for something, and that’s what this list is for, besides #7 will just freak you out!

like always, full list after the click

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microwave site version 3.1

the microwave site has been updated. version 3.1  why 3.1 and not 3.0 because 3.0 is just to eh, and besides now i am secretly paying homage to windows 3.1 the “best” windows ever!

Anyway, its all pretty like, and more organized and there are a few new things there!

microwave site

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Imagine This in the Microwave…

Honestly, that was the first thought I had when I saw a picture of this thing. High schoolers built this out of aluminum rods and cds.

Steve has had this idea of building a microwave so large we could stick a whole car in it and see what happens. I think this would be a good test of our big huge microwave idea…just a little stopover on the way to “oh man we just microwaved a car!”

The original site that posted this is not loading. I’ll bet all the referrals from Techeblog absolutely destroyed the server…even though it is a college site.

So unfortunately, I can’t read anything about it except for what’s on Techeblog. And that ain’t much.

We could totally do this though…maybe on a slightly smaller scale…especially given our preoccupation with microwaving things.

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microwave updates!

So there are some major updates to the microwave page:

First are the computer things; We have a remote control that chris found, that created fire, and something from something that had lots of things on it which also created fire (very descriptive aren’t i?) Both created fire, lots of it, and somehow, we didn’t care too much….
Some nice videos of them here: computer things

Next we have the cds; Chris got the bright idea to hold a lighter to a cd, and i got the bright idea to shove a nail through the melted cd, it created a super cool weird thing. So i microwaved it, it didn’t do anything different. Then we decided to wrap an AOL cd in copper wire (i love that stuff!) well, the cds didn’t do much of anything (AOL really does suck, some things AOL is good for), but fire was created. cd things
Lastly we have the coolest videos of the night: the light bulbs. We decided to wrap a light bulb in copper wire, so we did. When we put it in, fun things happened. Especially the second video, when we got blue flames to come around the metal part of the light bulb light bulb videos

We were recently linked on the website: this post here top 5 uses for dead hard drives and are still enjoying traffice since then.

In the May issue of Everyday Practical Electronics we were published!  I have contacted the editor, and he/she confirmed it, I asked for an issue, and they said they would send one. This is unbelievable! Its a British magazine, so I have no idea how long it will take to get here (to my house) but when it does, I will take pictures, and post them!

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microwave updates!

so, we got alot of new info on the microwave front right now!

Nice light bulbs, and a usb thing that created fire were put in.

We also have a new section, links, there you can find links to other sites like us!

you can reach it at check it out today if you havent, and again if you have.  This is our science, and it we’re good at it.

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Smelting metal

This was the inspiration for the my microwave science. I read this article about a year ago, and, i always wanted to try it. However, i never got the chance, and, the idea slowly evolved into putting anything in the microwave to see if and what it does.

Popular Science

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microwave updates….

We got another bulb to explode, and this one scared us:

read more

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microwave updates….

So, we finally got a light bulb to explode in the microwave!

Amazing! Only took us like forever!

We also did the cd-house we built, a vacuum tube, and some toothpaste.

I also changed the color on the sub labels to a darker blue, i didnt like it, neither did mike, it looked too pastel like.

Tell me what you think of the colors, and things and videos and all that.

see them all

Next up on the list of things to do, make an information page.

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microwave updates

well, i updated the microwave page today.

I think im going to change the blue of the secondary buttons to something darker.

I’ll do that tomorrow or something.

i also added a bunch of the new videos we did last week.

In short, they are amazing!