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The new MacBooks that everyone’s been talking about the past few weeks are finally here.

The biggest plus i see, is that they come in black! That shiny white is fine for the iPod, but not a computer.

They come with a Intel Core Duo processor, 1.83, or 2.0 GHz, 13in widescreen display with a “glossy” screen (i hate those), built in iSight, and Apple Remote, all at 5.2lbs.

The white is avalaibe in 1.83 or 2.0 GHz ccombinations starting at $1,099, the black only avaliable in 2.0 GHz starting at $1,499.  Come on apple, black is so much nicer, make it cheaper….

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Apple’s new ads:

You probably have seen these already, but who cares.

Apple has 6 new ads being aired showing the difference between Mac’s and PC’s.

My favorite is this one:


Watch them all at the apple site

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Top 10 Mac Mods

that’s my favorite.  I even attempted to do this over last summer, and, by attempt, i mean i thought about it, and even tried to get one of the computers, but, thats as far as i got.

see the other ones

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PC Games on a MAC with BootCamp

Ok so I was going to wait for steve to post this but I didn’t want to wait around for him to get out of his boring class.  Anyways, I walk into my Game Design class today, and my Teacher who is a MAC user tells us how the new Intel Mac’s can play PC games just as well as PC’s can.  I of course laughed at him, and then he goes and refers us to where there is apparently some review up about playing games.  I’ll let you read it for yourself.  I first of find it amusing how they don’t even use graphics intensive games to run their tests, seriously now, my friends 3 year old laptop with standard onboard graphics can play Half Life 2 without any problems, but oh well.  It’s kinda funny how MAC can’t get companies to make games for their computers so they have to go and put windows on their hardware in order for people to play.  And another thing, what’s the point of having a MAC anymore if all your going to do is boot it up into Windows to have all your fun? But anyways go read it for yourself and please come back and tell me what you think 🙂 

Check out 1up’s Review

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Macs to support Windows?

This isn’t the same old news that the new Intel Macs can be hacked to run windows xp, this is “offical” news from apple itself.

The program called: “Boot Camp” allows you to install Windows XP natively onto your shiny new Intel Mac. This has to be a late April Fool’s doesn’t it?

Sounds that way, but from the offical apple website, it looks legit: Boot Camp.

More and more people are buying and loving Macs. To make this choice simply irresistible, Apple will include technology in the next major release of Mac OS X, Leopard, that lets you install and run the Windows XP operating system on your Mac. Called Boot Camp (for now), you can download a public beta today.

The program burns a cd with all the required drivers and firmware for Windows. It also will partition your disk for Windows. Step by Step instructions avaliable right on their site too. It also reminds you:

Don’t forget to follow best practices for updating and protecting your Windows system (see “Word to the wise” to right).

I downloaded the software, but, not having a mac, i have no idea to tell if its real or not, I’d assume it is.

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This is gonna kill Steve

AppleInsider is reporting that a new 17 inch MacBook Pro will be introduced in June at the World Wide Developer’s Conference, which is normally held in June. The “flagship” notebook from Apple should boast at least a 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo and, of course, a huge monstrosity of a widescreen.

The bad news?

Despite optimism from some of Apple’s current 12-inch PowerBook customers, a 12-inch MacBook Pro model has yet to surface on Apple’s product roadmap, reliable sources have told AppleInsider.

This really makes me sad too actually…I’ll be in the market for an actual portable laptop in the summer and would have loved a 12 inch MacBook Pro. Because let’s face it…who wants a MacBook(or new Intel iBook)? And because this….is way too big.

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by the way…this is old…so don’t yell at me if you already know this

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Top iPod hacks

Wanna put linux onto your iPod (what self respecting geek would at least think about doing that at least)?

Wanna play Pac-Man on your iPod

How about turning your 4 gb nano, into a 7.2 gb nano?

these hacks range from the small, to the extrme, and, if i had the money, i would so totally do the nano one, and the psp one!

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iPod from Space

So, this is a nice little thing someone built in their back yard!

See it on Google Local

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Mac Mini in an NES

Oh man is that beautiful, if i had a mac mini, and i didnt love my NES anymore, i’d do that!

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Mac II’s 19

This day 19 years ago the Apple II was bron.

15 MHz Motorola 68020 processor, 1 MB RAM, optional 40 MB hard drive, starting at $3,898…

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